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SamþykktRaða eftir:SamþykktTitillRaða eftir:TitillHöfundur(ar)
23.11.2015Corporate Social Responsibility and Renewable Energy Companies A Comparison of Practice and Policy in Energy Companies in Iceland and the United StatesRunquist, Claire Barnes, 1992-
15.12.2010Corrosion in the Kalina cycle : an investigation into corrosion problems at the Kalina cycle geothermal power plant in Húsavík, IcelandWhittaker, Peter
1.6.2018Cost Optimizing Simulation and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis on Batteries’ Prospects - A case study of Time Shifting Local Variable Renewable Generation in Northern FinlandHeinonen, Tero Atso Johannes, 1981-
21.12.2010Design and optimization of standardized organic Rankine cycle power plant for European conditionsLukawski, Maciej
27.6.2018Design and simulation of a DC microgrid for a amall island in BelizeGrant, Jordon Ashley, 1986-
18.6.2020Developing an eco-industrial park; structures and policies : a case study of the KenGen Green Energy Park, KenyaIrene Jepkorir Ronoh 1985-
10.1.2019The dynamic impact of renewable energy sources on economic growthJón Jónsson 1986-
7.6.2023Effect of hyper-thermophilic anaerobic digestion on microbial health and biogas viabilityNoah Montana Christy 1998-
14.3.2011The effect of ruthenium crossover in polymer electrolyte fuel cells operating with platinum-ruthenium anodeTrendewicz, Anna
6.1.2011Effectiveness of financial support in European Union countries in terms of bioenergy : differences between Germany, Poland and SpainKozak, Magda
14.5.2019Electrifying labels: Environmental quality labelling schemes and the extent of their effect on Icelandic consumers purchasing intention in electricityStyrmir Ólafsson 1992-
10.2.2014Electrifying Straetó : how to make it happenNina Victoria Rangel Ortiz 1985-
18.3.2011Embodied energy counting of sustainable heat, power and steel processesLosowska, Magdalena
3.6.2019Energy Security in the Arctic: A Case Study of Renewable Energy on Grimsey IslandDiBari, Christian Patrick, 1993-
27.1.2022Environmental and Economic Assessment of Wind Energy Utilization for Westman Islands District Heating.Kenneth Steele 1992-
21.3.2011Environomic optimal design of geothermal conversion systems using life cycle assessmentMatuszewska, Dominika
17.9.2015Experimental investigation of induced seismicity in granitic rock on centimeter scaleVilliger, Linus, 1984-
14.12.2010Exploration of Geothermal Systems with Petrel Modeling SoftwareBartucz, Dorottya
14.12.2016Feasibility of ocean heat extraction in Icelandic coastal waters : case study of ÖnundarfjörðurEskafi, Majid, 1983-
20.12.2010Feasibility study of binary geothermal power plants in Eastern Slovakia : analysis of ORC and Kalina power plantsKopunicova, Martina