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SamþykktRaða eftir:SamþykktTitillRaða eftir:TitillHöfundur(ar)
29.10.2020The Northern Sea Route : history, challenges and prospectsUlaeva, Liliia, 1983-
25.10.2021The nuance of “no” : implementing free prior and informed consent provisions in Canada : the effects for and on the Inuit of NunavutPettenuzzo, Lisa Nicole, 1969-
25.10.2021Perspectives on colonialism in northwest GreenlandBinachon, Martin, 1998-
14.6.2022The Polar Mediterranean : past, present, and future of a social imaginarySantiago Abreu Lopez-Villalobos Dantas 1994-
14.6.2021Redefining Arctic stakeholders : integration of Asian states in Arctic law and governanceDervovic, Medy, 1997-
20.6.2019Redefining the management of living marine resources from the bottom-up : a coastal Sámi conceptual frameworkTsiouvalas, Apostolos, 1993-
15.6.2016Research of legal status and navigation regime of arctic shipping lanesYu, Yue, 1991-
1.12.2022The rights of children and future generations of the European Arctic to a healthy environmentSchweizer, Sona Karbanová, 1989-
20.6.2019The rights of indigenous peoples and the establishment of marine protected areas in the traditional inuit territoryTugend, Mana, 1994-
22.9.2014Risk and responsibility : hydrocarbon extraction in the Arctic Ocean under international lawJohnstone, Rachael Lorna, 1977-
14.6.2021The Role of Higher Online Education in the Rural Arctic: Students’ Opportunities and Experiences of Distance Education in Finnish Lapland and IcelandTulimaa, Maija, 1991-
14.6.2021The role of peace & diplomacy in the arctic geopolitical & military shift originated by arctic maritime-related industriesViguier, Thomas Georges Raymond, 1992-
9.11.2023Sami people´s fishing rights at the international, regional and national level : institutional and legislative frameworkAdrien Christian Fontenaud 1996-
16.2.2015Security outlook of the Arctic states and perspectives on NATO’s involvementZhilina, Irina, 1989-
14.8.2017The Arctic is not just an ocean : international human rights law : the Arctic Council at a crossroadsBjarki Már Magnússon 1972-
21.6.2010The recognition of indigenous peoples’ rights in the context of area protection and management in the ArcticNeumann, Antje, 1968-
24.10.2019The right to free, prior and informed consentGonzález, Jesús Manuel Navarro, 1973-
21.6.2010The rights to self-determination of the indigenous peoples : illustrated by Arctic indigenous peoplesChen, Yichao
2.11.2023The Third Pole process : to what extent is the Arctic Council model suitable for replication in the Third Pole region?Kanagavalli Suryanarayanan 1981-
21.6.2010Trans-Arctic shipping: The Icelandic perspectiveHúni Heiðar Hallsson