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SamþykktRaða eftir:SamþykktTitillRaða eftir:TitillHöfundur(ar)
10.2.2014Electrifying Straetó : how to make it happenNina Victoria Rangel Ortiz 1985-
18.3.2011Embodied energy counting of sustainable heat, power and steel processesMagdalena Losowska
21.3.2011Environomic optimal design of geothermal conversion systems using life cycle assessmentDominika Matuszewska
14.12.2010Exploration of Geothermal Systems with Petrel Modeling SoftwareDorottya Bartucz
17.3.2011A feasibility and economic study into the use of micro hydro power applications to generate electricity from the Victoria Capital Regional District’s municipal water facility. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.Eri Andres Boye
20.12.2010Feasibility study of binary geothermal power plants in Eastern Slovakia : analysis of ORC and Kalina power plantsMartina Kopunicova
21.12.2010Feasibility study of CHiP plants in the European Union using pure plant oilsMichal Krzyzaniak
21.3.2011Feasibility study of geothermal utilization of remoteness areas : design and optimization of a small standard power plantEmma Baz Gonzalez
10.3.2011A feasibility study of using Biomethane as an alternative fuel for taxis in the Reykjavík capital areaHannes Arnórsson
16.12.2010Formation of lanthanum zirconates in solid oxide electrolysis cells : experimental studiesPedro Miguel da Costa Almeida
6.1.2011Fungi tar degradation : possible application for micro-scale slow pyrolysis rotary kilnPetra Bozic
15.3.2011HEP together with wind farm WEP : simulation of energy generation and water level in the reservoirKarol Strak
21.3.2011Hólmsá HEP : recommendations for installed capacity based on simulation of energy generation and reservoir levelÓlafur Jónsson
14.3.2011Hydraulic hammer drilling technology to replace air hammer drilling in deep BHE designMichael J. Thomson
10.3.2011Hydraulic transient model developed and tested for Karahnjukar Hydroelectric Project with possible applications in PolandAdam Narożniak
8.12.2010Hydrogen Fuel Cell Emergency Power System: Installation and Performance of Plug Power GenCore 5B48 UnitLech Birek; Stanisław Molitorys
6.1.2011Implementation problems with European Union’s energy system regulations in Central East EuropeJan Krawczyk
22.3.2011Improved design of hydroelectric projects : hydraulic roughness of TBM-bored tunnels. An experimental study.Katarzyna Filipek; Anna Kasprzyk
11.3.2011Internal reforming and mass transport properties of a reaction sintered Ni-YSZ and a novel porous metal support for SOFC applicationsMichael Graham McNeeley
14.3.2011Investigation of fuel cell technology for long-haul trucksCezary Misiopecki