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11.8.2016The influence of trust and knowledge management on workers safety climate at ISAVIA's aerodromes : a case studyHildur Baldvinsdóttir 1983-
4.6.2019Is Iceland’s equal pay management system fair to employees? : an Icelandic municipality case studySigríður Elín Sveinsdóttir 1983-
11.8.2016Job embeddedness in Icelandic labor market : the effectiveness on turnover intentions and job performanceHelga Gunnólfsdóttir 1986-
27.6.2022Job satisfaction and occupational burnout among preschool workers in times of Covid-19Sara Katrín Farmer 1996-
15.2.2018Job satisfaction and perceived equality within Icelandic organizationsÁsrún Á. Jónsdóttir 1986-
7.7.2016Job satisfaction and turnover intention : is there a significant difference between public and private preschools?Kristín Valgerður Ellertsdóttir 1982-
17.1.2019Looking at underrepresentation of women in high-profile jobs in Iceland from a social identity theory perspective : is gender a liability?Anna H. Johannessen 1990-
28.9.2021Migration of foreign specialists into the high-tech sector in Iceland and the role of Human Resource ManagementDominique Elísabet James 1991-
23.9.2021The Multicheck’s suitability in hiring processes for apprentices in Swiss insurance companiesAndri Kömeter 1991-
20.10.2022The new era of employer branding : employer branding on TikTokLisa Marie Steinbacher 1998-
23.9.2021Occupational stress and remedies amongst supermarket employees during COVID-19Nicoló Secondo Rech 1996-
14.1.2020Perceived age discrimination in the labor market : age group differencesMaría Liv Biglio 1991-
2.3.2016Perceived corporate social responsibilities and employee commitmentWehrlé, Elise, 1992-
6.1.2022Perception of justice, privacy, and validity when using social media as an evaluation tool in hiringSonja M. Júlíusdóttir Jacobsen 1996-
4.6.2019Recruitment of foreign citizens within Icelandic organizationsAnna Elísa Karlsdóttir 1992-
7.7.2016References and social media in the assessment stage of the recruitment processBrynjar Jóhannsson 1987-
12.1.2023Remote leadership : enhancing leadership self-efficacy within a virtual contextIsabell Wirth 1994-
27.9.2021Return to work following a sick leaveBirna Rún Pétursdóttir 1981-
7.10.2021Reviewing employee engagement as a concept and how it is measured with an employee engagement survey in an Icelandic industrial production organisation. What do employee surveys tell us about employee engagement?Svava Rán Karlsdóttir 1974-
10.8.2017Risks in human resources and their relation to organizational risk management : mitigating the HR risk of knowledge-loss, using knowledge management systemsSigríður Gisela Stefánsdóttir 1989-
20.10.2020The role of human resource management in the tourism and hospitality industry in south Iceland before, during, and after COVID-19Lara Knittel 1990-
6.1.2022The role of job resources, personal resources, and work engagement in different work arrangementsGeir Andersen 1994-
25.1.2021Strategic human resource management and employee engagement: the mediating role of authentic leadershipTelma Sigtryggsdóttir 1975-
14.1.2020Sustainable Human Resource Management : how is constant work-related connectivity affecting employees' well-being in Icelandic organizations?Íris Björk Kristjánsdóttir 1979-
24.10.2022Turnover intention in the child care sector in the municipality of TórshavnBrynhild Dam 1992-