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27.8.2014Financial benefit of implementing environmental management system ISO 14001 in Icelandic companiesErla Björk Sigurgeirsdóttir 1965-
24.6.2021Geothermal district heating assessments using iterative applications of techno-economic simulation and design software in a sparsely populated area of Helena, Montana, USANicholas Adam Fry 1986-
14.2.2022Gold transport through the epithermal system in the Reykjanes peninsulaBenjamin Douglas Smith 1993-
18.2.2016Hydroelectric power station : NigerleqLauritsen, Mads Uhrenholt 1989-
12.2.2014Iceland-UK interconnector : strategy for macroeconomic and legal feasibilityRandall Morgan Greene 1988-
25.6.2021An Iceland-UK interconnector : the ethical dimension of the “Icelink” projectPieter-Jan Bogaerts 1995-
9.2.2015Implementation of a new energy storage system for a high altitude long endurance aircraftStefanie Dagner 1988-
14.2.2022Investigation of the water saving potential and electricity production using Floating Solar Photovoltaics on the San Vicente Reservoir, CaliforniaKeith Marc Pacelli Gonsalves 1991-
21.6.2018Low temperature geothermal resources in abandoned mines of the Canadian Shield : a case study in the Chapais and Chibougamau area, Québec, CanadaMorgan, Andrea Louise Frances, 1992-
18.4.2016Macro-scale multi criteria site assessment for wind resource development in IcelandDoheny, Michael Stephen, 1990-
25.6.2021Modeling ambient airflow in the aluminum electrolysis cell superstructureSarah Elizabeth DiBenedetto 1997-
14.2.2022Modelling and interpretation of CO2 injection within the Ohaaki geothermal reservoirMakani Joinville 1994-
21.6.2018Modelling consumer type specific electricity load in IcelandCzock, Berit Hanna, 1993-
21.6.2021Modelling the La Soufrière hydrothermal system, St. Vincent and the GrenadinesArthurton Travis Elvean Bellot 1992-
18.6.2019Multi-criteria wind energy siting assessment : a case study in the West FjordsBarajas, Renata Stefanie Bade, 1993-
27.6.2018Numerical modeling of cold water injection into supercritical geothermal reservoirsNewman, Riley Stell, 1992-
25.8.2016Offshore wind potential in North Carolina and possible configuratonsSmith, Richard Francis , 1990-
10.3.2016Optimal well placement in the Theistareykir geothermal field for the next well in successionJefferies, Basil Alxeander Ira, 1990-
12.2.2014Optimization and profitability of hydro power combined with wind powerEgill Skúlason 1973-
18.2.2016Preliminary technical and economic feasibility study of binary power plant for Chiweta geothermal field, MalawiMwagomba, Tufwane, 1981-
14.3.2012Quantifying water saturation in steel pipes using X-raysHaraldur Sigurðsson 1975-
10.2.2015A review of mineral scaling and its mechanisms in Hveragerði geothermal district heating systemAlmar Barja 1988-
22.1.2020Review of rare earth elements in acid mine drainage : developing a solution to an engineering problemSondre Lyngholm 1993-
10.2.2015The role of uncertainty for lumped parameter modeling and optimization of low temperature geothermal resourcesSven Scholtysik 1985-
24.2.2014Scenario analysis of the Philippine energy marketFe Amor Parel Gudmundsson 1975-