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8.6.2020Adolescents and body image : the effect of social media usage, physical activity, and genderIngibjörg Bergmann 1995-
14.6.2021Adolescents´ substance use in relation to bullying perpetration and victimization : influencing factors on bullying behaviorsSólveig Gísladóttir Guckelsberger 1995-; Marta Snæfríðardóttir Brancaccia 1996-
29.5.2019Adolescent’s mental health : participation in recreational centers and difference between groups living with or with-out family conflictStefanía Ýr Stefánsdóttir 1995-
25.6.2021Anthropometric and physical fitness characteristics of badminton players in Icelandic youth national teamsRóbert Þór Henn 1989-
8.6.2020Association between mental health, subjective income status, perceived parental and peer support, and substance use in icelandic college studentsSonja M. Júlíusdóttir Jacobsen 1996-
14.6.2021Association between sleep duration, sleep quality and self-esteem in adolescents in IcelandHeiðdís Vala Þorsteinsdóttir 1997-
29.5.2019Association between substance use, family conflict, anger and depressed mood among Icelandic high school studentsTelma Jónsdóttir 1994-
21.6.2022The association of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) levels of severity and substance use in youths and young adultsMagnea Björg Friðjónsdóttir 1999-
14.6.2021Associations between leisure time activities and substance use among adolescents in IcelandMargrét Lára Guðmundsdóttir 1984-
8.6.2020Behavioral problems associated with an adolescent's ADHD symptoms and the family role as a possible protective factorStefán Þorri Helgason 1991-
29.5.2019Burden of beauty ideals : the association of body image and weight control behaviors with suicidal ideation in adolescentsThereza Alísa Petkova 1990-
14.8.2017Characteristics of sexual behavior problems in children following assessment and treatmentErla Guðmundsdóttir 1972-
7.6.2018Differences in Protective Factors on Depression in Youths : Comparative study between pre- and post-pubescentsÍsak Aron Sigurðarson Hammer 1996-
22.6.2022Does sleep quality mediate the link between caffeine consumption and cognitive function among adolescents?Sigríður Sara Birgisdóttir 1999-
16.6.2021The effect of avoiding school activities and lack of parental involvement on young sexual minorities’ mental healthÚlfar Viktor Björnsson 1993-
15.6.2021The effect of perceived social support, from friends and family, on the wellbeing of immigrant adolescents in IcelandKristín Ásta Lárusdóttir 1999-
17.2.2016The Effect of Sexual Abuse on Self-esteem Among Adolescents: The Impact of Gender, Parental Support and Type of PerpetratorÍris Hildur Birgisdóttir 1990-
15.6.2021The effect of sleep hygiene education and bright light therapy on adolescent sleep quality and vigilanceKaritas Kjartansdóttir 1995-
27.6.2022The effect of social media use on diet and exercise habits among adolescentsGígja Teitsdóttir 1999-
22.6.2022The effects of delayed school start on Icelandic adolescents' sleep duration and sleep qualityÁsa María Ásgeirsdóttir 1998-
23.1.2020Effects of equine facilitated therapy on at-risk youth in treatmentSif Jónsdóttir 1985-
24.8.2015Effects of parental and peer support on self- esteem in adolescentsHelga Hafdís Gunnarsdóttir 1990-
21.6.2022The effects of parental and peer support, substance use and financial status on criminal behavior : a cross-sectional study among high school students in IcelandMaría Ýr Leifsdóttir 1998-
20.8.2015The Effects that Sports and other Organized Activities have on School Grades and Drug Use among AdolescentsRakel Steinsen 1990-
8.8.2017Extended psychological help in the Icelandic upper secondary school system? : adolescent students need for psychological help and their attitude towards psychological helpÞorkell Magnússon 1990-