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SamþykktRaða eftir:SamþykktTitillRaða eftir:TitillHöfundur(ar)
4.10.2021Analysis of gender-specific behavior in the automotive retail business : an economic potential assessment based on the Volkswagen Group Retail DeutschlandMarc Simon Albert Wunnerlich 1995-
25.1.2021Challenges of the Canadian Premier League in its first season : learnings from early experience and contrasting with business start-upsSebastian Wolfgang Goldstein 1988-
14.1.2020Comparison of mixed retailers’ online marketing strategies in Iceland and Thuringia: an ethical perspectiveIrma Patricia Reyes Dueñas 1993-
4.6.2019Cultural and economic influences on managers’ views towards business ethics education : a comparative study of Iceland and ChinaMarion Christiane Ziessler 1988-
25.1.2021Customer profitability measurement: an exploratory case study in the B2B production environmentThorben Koch 1992-
15.2.2018Digitalisation in consumer bankingSigurlaugur Þorkelsson 1989-
22.1.2019Distribution network design : the case of Hella GmbH & Co. KGaAKendzia, Frederic, 1993-
20.10.2020Effects of communication and organizational commitment on organizational readiness for change : a case of e-commerce applicationÞröstur Þór Þórisson 1974-
4.10.2021Factors impacting Faroese food importers’ supplier decisions : a qualitative study on food imports to the Faroe IslandsJóhanna Magnusardóttir Isaksen 1992-
10.8.2017Fostering a strong feedback culture in organizations : a case study on the feedback culture at KPMGSveinbjörn Ingi Grímsson 1990-
27.9.2021How can strategic management, influenced by national cultural dimensions, be used to increase the efficiency of the Icelandic public sector? : a case study into Icelandic public procurementAndreas Persson 1997-
10.8.2017How to organize digital innovation in Icelandair Group?Liv Vestergaard 1990-
14.6.2018Investment stewardship of institutional investors in IcelandJón Bjarni Magnússon 1980-
22.1.2019Motivation and disadvantages of entering Chinese startup clusters : based on the example of the German MittelstandKutz, Fredericke Marlies, 1993-
28.9.2021Old name, new management : how to integrate the past with the futureEydís Ögn Uffadóttir 1987-
7.7.2016Online customer engagement on Twitter : the case of IcelandairHelena Gunnars Marteinsdóttir 1988-
20.10.2022The perceived stress level of students in hybrid classes : the influence of Job Characteristics by Hackman & OldhamAnn-Sophie Bader 1999-
28.9.2021A success factor framework proposition for virtual trade showsChristoph Rohr 1995-
5.10.2017What international business really needs to know : analysing information seeking behaviour of companies before and during internationalizationKristján Helgi Bryde 1991-
20.10.2020What is holding back women from reaching CEO positions in Iceland? : does it depend on company size?Dröfn Farestveit 1996-