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SamþykktRaða eftir:SamþykktTitillRaða eftir:TitillHöfundur(ar)
25.6.2021Analysis and comparison of energy consumption and energy simulation in Rimaskóli Primary SchoolTenley Addison Propst 1996-
20.6.2019Energy analysis of a collagen production process in Codland's Factory in IcelandÁrni Ingimarsson 1991-
5.3.2013eTactica MobileGuðrún Hauksdóttir 1978-; Jón Valentínusson 1977-; Oddur Aðalgeirsson 1989-; Rúnar Freyr Rúnarsson 1988-
22.8.2016Evaluation of energy demand and energy use of an existing single family building, with special emphasis on energy efficiency of heat exchanger in ventilationDaniel C. Axelsen 1985-
20.6.2019Fleet arrival management system : optimizing and sequencing of Icelandair's arrival timesPerla Ásmundsdóttir 1994-
9.2.2022Forecasting demand for district heating using different forecasting methodsEgill Jóhannsson 1982-
24.6.2021Geothermal district heating assessments using iterative applications of techno-economic simulation and design software in a sparsely populated area of Helena, Montana, USANicholas Adam Fry 1986-
19.6.2019Impact analysis of electric vehicles charging on the Icelandic Power SystemWinnie Adhiambo Apiyo 1986-
19.6.2019Improving current efficiency in low-temperature aluminum electrolysis with vertical inert electrodesCaroline Mary Medino 1994-
28.10.2021Reconfiguration of distribution systems to reduce power loss using ant Colony Optimization and Simulated AnnealingDaniel Barrios Castilla 1992-
28.10.2021Thermo-economic optimation of slim power cycles : a case of Ngozi geothermal project-TanzaniaJohn Joseph Lubuva 1989-
19.3.2018Waste heat recovery from aluminum productionYu, Miao, 1992-
21.1.2021Wireless charging in powered prostheticsHilmar Þór Pétursson 1991-