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SamþykktRaða eftir:SamþykktTitillRaða eftir:TitillHöfundur(ar)
8.3.2013Characteristics of adolescent boys using protein supplements : diet, lifestyle and health : HLÍF : health and lifestyle in high-schoolUnnur Björk Arnfjörð 1976-
16.8.2016Comparison of the effects of short interventions on enhancement of physical activity and symptoms of depression and anxietyLilja Rún Tumadóttir 1984-
14.3.2012Developing a curriculum for eHAP : E-learning for the Health Agents Programme in EuropePálína Heiða Gunnarsdóttir 1978-
14.6.2022Eating disorders and body image dissatisfaction : prevalence and differences between exercisers and non-exercisersWiktoria Marika Borowska 1996-
18.6.2020The effect of 6-week deep water running intervention on physical fitness of female football players : a randomized control trialGunnar Egill Benonýsson 1993-
10.8.2016The effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy follow-up based on mindfulness compared to physical exerciseKatrín Sara Hinriksdóttir 1988-
11.8.2016Effectiveness of mindfulness based cognitive therapy compared to physical exercise as a follow-up treatment to prevent depressive relapse and maintain recoverySif Jónsdóttir 1985-
11.8.2016Effects of diet behaviour and sport participation on body image and body shameSigrún Sesselja Morthens 1991-
1.6.2023The effects of physical activity on the mental health of women suffering from endometriosisThelma Rut Rúnarsdóttir 2000-
11.3.2024The effects of physical exercise on kinanthropometry, physical fitness, and mental well-being in older adults in IcelandKristján Valur Jóhannsson 1993-
1.2.2024Euler angle approximation based on IMU sensor fusionAron Ingi Sverrisson 1998-
28.8.2014Movement analysis of side step cutting motion in agility testing for elite athletesNils Nilsson 1980-
28.8.2014A novel exercise intervention on Transversus abdominis recruitment and pain perception using EMG biofeedback, in people with history of low back painBirna Markúsdóttir 1981-
12.6.2019Physical activity and sedentary behavior in work environment : health promotion and changes to company´s cultureSteinn Baugur Gunnarsson 1984-
2.8.2012The Youth in Europe Project-The Relation Between Physical Activity and Mental HealthTómas Leifsson 1985-