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7.6.2018Acting Out Behavior of Individuals that Volunteered in the Aftermath of a Natural DisasterTinna Heimisdóttir 1993-
26.8.2015Adolescent Cannabis Use in Relation to Parents and PeersÍsak Stefánsson 1992-
1.9.2014Adolescents with Physical Disabilities and Their Wellbeing and Peer Relationships Within Secondary Schools in IcelandEdda Þorvarðardóttir 1992-
27.8.2015Adolescents' Internet Use: Academic Achievement and Well-beingEir Arnbjarnardóttir 1990-
29.5.2019Adolescent’s mental health : participation in recreational centers and difference between groups living with or with-out family conflictStefanía Ýr Stefánsdóttir 1995-
14.8.2017Adults referred to the ADHD clinic in Iceland : clinical characteristicsBára Sif Ómarsdóttir 1991-
7.6.2018Aggression among adolescents: The role of religiosity, spirituality and parental and peer religionÍsabella Erna Sævarsdóttir 1994-
7.6.2018Alcohol Consumption among University Students in Iceland: Effects of Peer Influence on Hazardous Alcohol UseThelma Gunnarsdóttir 1994-
20.8.2015Alcohol Consumption in Individual Sports and Team SportsAndri Guðjohnsen 1989-
7.6.2018Are a materialistic lifestyle and income associated with subjective well-being?Margrét Hera Hauksdóttir 1994-
22.5.2019Are parental students more likely to develop burnout during undergraduate/graduate studies than non-parental students?Ásdís Sigurðardóttir 1991-
26.9.2013Association between cannabis use and depression : a cross-sectional population studyMarteinn Ingason 1978-
21.6.2017The association between childhood trauma and social support among Icelandic adolescent sexual perpetrationGuðbjörg Lilja Gylfadóttir 1987-
7.6.2018Association between CSF Biomarkers and Performance on Neuropsychological Test in Patients with Mild Cognitive ImpairmentMaría Liv Biglio 1991-
11.8.2016The association between family structures and depressive symptoms among childrenSunneva Reynisdóttir 1992-
7.6.2018The association between marijuana use, suicidal ideation, suicide attempts and intentional self-harm among Icelandic college students and whether it affects males and females differentlyHildur Karen Jóhannsdóttir 1995-
7.6.2018Association Between One-Night Stand, Social Media and Self-Worth Amongst University StudentsIngibjörg Helga Halldórsdóttir 1981-
17.1.2019Association between physical activity, depressive symptoms and self-esteem among upper-secondary school studentsLára Margrét Kjartansdóttir 1993-
29.5.2019Association between substance use, family conflict, anger and depressed mood among Icelandic high school studentsTelma Jónsdóttir 1994-
22.6.2017The association between sugar consumption and mental well-being and perceived energyLilja Dögg Færseth Ólafsdóttir 1994-
23.5.2019The association between the Mediterranean diet and mental well-beingErla Katrín Bjarnadóttir 1995-
22.6.2017The association between women's masturbation, sexual subjectivity and sexual assertivenessHildur Ýr Hilmarsdóttir 1988-
10.8.2016The association of female masturbation with self-esteem, body image and sexual satisfactionIndíana Rós Ægisdóttir 1992-
11.8.2016Associations between childhood sexual abuse, body image and the development of eating disordersSvava Guðrún Helgadóttir 1992-
25.8.2015Associations between childhood sexual abuse, substance use and body imageErna Björnsdóttir 1989-