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SamþykktRaða eftir:SamþykktTitillRaða eftir:TitillHöfundur(ar)
4.5.2017'To Talk of Many Things': Whales, Walrus, and Seals in Medieval Icelandic LiteratureMurray-Bergquist, Karin, 1991-
3.5.2019"Guð launar fyrir hrafninn": An analysis of the usage of the raven kenning in Old Norse skaldic poetryMærsk Werner, Kristine, 1993-
30.4.2019"I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul." A functional analysis of fate in FornaldarsögurOriane Garault 1993-
8.5.2014"Unpractical objects." The concept of the King's Gifts in the Old Norse WorldKatona, Csete, 1989-
4.5.2017"...and we have forgotten who we are" Rituality in the Modern Religion of Forn Siðr. Asa- og vanetrosamfundet i Denmark and the Question of Reinvention or Recreation of Religion and CultureMalchow-Roth, Katharina-Lorraine, 1990-
16.9.2016The Afterman: Life, Death and Impossible Landscapes in the ÍslendingasögurGonzalez Atances, Ariel Enrique, 1990-
10.1.2023The Anachronistic Skald: the emotionality in SonatorrekBridget Catherine Leary 1989-
23.1.2020Archaeological Evidence for the Beginning of the Norse Colony in GreenlandČuk, Jaka, 1991-
3.5.2019Artemis, Diana and Skaði: A Comparative StudyMancini, Giulia, 1994-
15.5.2015As Below, So Above: Skaði: A True and Mythological "Other"Feldman, David T., 1990-
3.5.2016Blood of my Blood. Incest, Parricide and Family Strifes in Ynglinga sagaPiet, Jules, 1993-
4.9.2017Building Runic Networks: A Digital Investigation of Dialects in the East Norse Runic CorpusHolt, Benjamin, 1989-
5.5.2017A Case of an Odd Saga: Structure in Bjarnar saga HítdælakappaGlebova, Daria, 1993-
6.5.2021The Concepts of Law, Magic and Poetry in Egils saga Skalla-GrímssonarJan Martin Jürgensen 1985-
6.5.2019A Dandy Hand in Northeast Iceland An Examination of AM 640 4to, AM 621 4to, AM Dipl. Isl. Fasc. XVII 3, AM Dipl. Isl. Fasc. XXI 25, and JS Dipl. 4Kathrin Briana Gallagher 1992-
5.9.2017Dark Letters, Illuminated : Establishing a Catalogue and Initiatory Analysis for the Icelandic Post-Medieval Cryptographic CorpusHash, Jason Anthony, 1990-
5.9.2017The Development of Merchant Identity in Viking-Age and Medieval ScandinaviaBenthien, Lars Christian, 1992-
3.5.2016Digitizing Early Icelandic Script for Leaners, Human and Machine: Justification, Methodology, and a PrototypeMacpherson, Michael John, 1990-
2.5.2016Dying to Become the Un-Dead: A Comparative Study Between the Icelandic Draugar and the Bulgarian VampireStankova, Vesela Valerieva, 1990-
2.5.2019The Emotional Life of Guðrún Ósvífrsdóttir: Narrative development through emotions in Laxdæla sagaRisco de la Torre, Meritxell, 1995-
3.5.2019Equal Rites: Parsing Rus' Gender Values Through an Arabic LensTonicha Mae Upham 1997-
5.5.2014The Fabulous Saga of Guðmundr inn ríki. Representation of Sexuality in Ljósvetninga sagaTirosh, Yoav, 1985-
5.5.2015A Falconer's Ritual: A study of the cognitive and spiritual dimensions of pre-Christian Scandinavian falconryBellamy-Dagneau, Karyn, 1986-
19.5.2020Fall of the Burgundians. Continuity in Legend and HistoryKenyon, Matthew, 1985-
6.5.2019Fish, Oats & Isotopes: An Overview of Stable Isotopic Research on Human Diet in Medieval Scandinavia c. 1050-1550 CEZachary Cole 1989-