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Titlar 24.364 til 24.388 af 38.576
25.5.2020Preparation for Future Participation of Landspítali Hospital in the International nutritionDay Study: An Exploration of Malnutrition in Hospitals and Organization of Nutrition ServicesHerdís Ásgeirsdóttir 1991-
11.9.2017Prepared for the Unexpected: On The Great East Japan Earthquake, and How Disaster Preparedness PrevailedRakel Sylvía Björnsdóttir 1994-
13.1.2016Preparing for the End. A Narrative Study of VafþrúðnismálMcGillivray, Andrew, 1983-
24.3.2011Preparing schools and teachers for teaching English to young learnersSamuel Lefever
13.5.2016Prepubertal Mania: Diagnostic Differences in US, UK and Japanese CliniciansAnna María Toma 1993-
9.10.2009Preserving the National Heritage: Audiovisual Collections in IcelandLaas, Piret, 1960-
3.6.2019Pressure and temperature calculations for magmas of the Öræfajökull volcano, IcelandHelga Kristín Torfadóttir 1992-
1.9.2011Prestressed BFRP tendons in concrete beamsBjörgvin Smári Jónsson 1980-
7.9.2015Prestur í mynd. Prestar í átta norrænum kvikmyndum frá 2003-2013Árni Svanur Daníelsson 1973-
18.6.2019Preterm births in Iceland 1997-2016: Preterm birth rates by gestational age groups and type of preterm birthÁslaug Salka Grétarsdóttir 1974-
24.6.2020Prevalence and effects of antidepressants during pregnancy on infant outcomes among women in IcelandThelma Smáradóttir 1991-
18.6.2018The prevalence and incidence of vertebral fractures in an elderly population - The AGES-Reykjavik StudySara Katrín Stefánsdóttir 1985-
24.8.2017Prevalence and interventions of challenging behavior in children with intellectual disabilities and/or developmental disorders or other disabilities in IcelandÞórarinn Freyr Grettisson 1988-
24.8.2017Prevalence and interventions of sleep problems in children with intellectual and/or developmental disorders or other disabilities in IcelandHulda Jónsdóttir Tölgyes 1986-
25.1.2021Prevalence and risk factors for social isolation among older adults in the United States of AmericaElísa Ýr Halldórsdóttir 1995-
9.8.2016Prevalence of anxiety and depression symptoms among football players at a top level in IcelandEmil Pálsson 1993-
8.8.2017Prevalence of anxiety and depression symptoms among handball players in Iceland and their attitude towards seeking psychological helpSigrún María Jörundsdóttir 1993-
23.5.2019The prevalence of anxiety and depression symptoms among sexually abused adolescents in Iceland : the importance of protective factorsBryndís Ósk Birgisdóttir 1994-
8.8.2017The prevalence of childhood abuse, trauma and neglect in adult Icelandic patients with fibromyalgia, and its relation to the severity of fibromyalgia symptomsSóley María Helgadóttir 1993-
13.5.2019Prevalence of depression and specific anxiety problems among Icelandic university studentsIngvar Eysteinsson 1990-
4.4.2013Prevalence of gammaherpesvirus infections in foals and their dams the first year after birthSara Björk Stefánsdóttir 1990-
14.6.2021Prevalence of Post-Olympic blues, in relation to satisfaction of performance, retirement, psychological support, and coping strategies among Icelandic Olympians : a population-based studyEygló Ósk Gústafsdóttir 1995-
22.5.2019Prevalence of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and burnout symptoms among Icelandic first respondersAron Freyr Kristjánsson 1995-
14.6.2018Prevalence of PTSD symptoms among police officers in Iceland - Factors related to symptomsKristjana Kristinsdóttir 1987-
31.5.2021The prevalence of subclinical behavior problems and their developmental trajectoriesCamilla Ann Stacey 1991-