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Titlar 28.720 til 28.744 af 31.261
1.6.2017Wireless Measuring and Broadcasting UnitÞórir Sævar Kristinsson 1986
1.6.2017Wireless sensor network for smart street lightingKospenda, Aleksandar, 1990-
7.9.2015The Wish to Marry and Its Consequences. On Hierarchies in the Eddic Poems Skírnismál, Alvíssmál, and ÞrymskviðaNowotnick, Johanna, 1988-
31.8.2017Withdrawal Strategies from Individual Retirement AccountsBerglind Bjarnadóttir 1990
3.5.2016Withdrawing Empire: A Test of Structural Realism and Neoclassical Realism to Explain the Withdrawal of US Military PresenceMagnús Fannar Eggertsson 1987
11.5.2018Wizarding Hierarchy: A Portrayal of Discrimination and Prejudice in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter novelsSigríður Eva Þorsteinsdóttir 1996
2.5.2016A Wolfish Reflection: A Literary Analysis of the Werewolf Story in "The King's Mirror"Minjie Su, 1986-
9.5.2018"A Woman Has to Live Her Life, or Live to Repent Not Having Lived it" : Female Sexuality in D.H. Lawrence's The Rainbow, Women in Love and Lady Chatterley's Lover.Unnur Ósk Kristinsdóttir 1994
9.5.2016“A woman's whole life in a single day. Just one day. And in that day her whole life”. Fluid Sexual Identity in Michael Cunningham´s The HoursWlodarczyk, Andrzej, 1981-
10.9.2013Women and Madness in the 19th Century. The effects of oppression on women's mental healthElísabet Rakel Sigurðardóttir 1978
22.10.2018Women in the Arctic : economy, governance and politicsGrilli, Adamaria, 1947-
6.5.2009Women in the modern Japanese economyBragi Ólafsson 1986
8.3.2018Women involved with fisheries in the Northern Westfjords of Iceland : roles, perceptions, and hopeYingst, Alexandra, 1993-
26.10.2012Women on boards and women in managementElín Blöndal 1966; Bendixen, Jytte Kaltoft
11.8.2016Women's purchase intention for organic skin care productsStefanía Bergmann Magnúsdóttir 1991
10.5.2016Words of AM 173 c 4to: A philological analysisCrowe, Benjamin, 1990-
11.5.2015Words of triumph : the use of rhetoric in newspapers during the Reykjavík 2014 municipal election campaignAri Brynjólfsson 1989
10.9.2010Wordsworth's Ballads in Lyrical Ballads 1798, Inspirations and Ideas behind Wordsworth's balladsFreydís Ósk Daníelsdóttir 1982
14.4.2011Work ability assessment : description and evaluation of a new tool in vocational rehabilitation and in disability claimsÁsa Dóra Konráðsdóttir 1973
30.6.2010Work Analysis and Autonomy - Socialisme ou Barbarie's Concept of Revolutionary Work ResearchAndrea Gabler
3.9.2013Work motivation: A comparison of HR managers’ and employees’ perceptions as well as perceptions in the public and private sectorsAnna Klara Georgsdóttir 1980
31.8.2017Work on new event sources for detectErGuðmundur Stefánsson 1992
11.6.2018Work participation of people with MSElena Maltseva 1977
8.6.2011Work with scores in the creating processVilkaitytė, Austėja, 1985-
28.8.2014Working memory span and ADHD symptomsHelga Bjarkadóttir 1989