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Titlar 28.935 til 28.959 af 35.559
4.5.2011The Theme of Facts and Fancy in Hard Times by Charles DickensAnna Margrjet Thoroddsen 1935-
9.5.2012The theme of friendship in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the RingsMagnús Örn Þórðarson 1988-
23.6.2010Theobald Boehm : the reinvention of the fluteElva Lind Þorsteinsdóttir 1987-
2.7.2008Theological Compatibilism and Essential PropertiesNicola Ciprotti
9.9.2019Theophoric Place Names: A Comparative Study of Sacral Place Names in the German-Speaking WorldTara-Kim Kritsch 1990-
9.3.2011Theoretical calculations of electrochemical systemsJón Bergmann Maronsson 1981-
31.5.2019Theoretical calculations of localized magnetic states in ultrathin filmsVarentcova, Anastasiia, 1994-
30.5.2018Theoretical mechanistic studies of nitrogenase and model compoundsAlbert Þór Þórhallsson 1987-
12.6.2009Theoretical Studies of Aluminum Based Nano Scale Materials for Hydrogen StorageJón Steinar Garðarsson Mýrdal 1984-
12.10.2008Theoretical studies of silicon-containing six-membered ringsRagnar Björnsson 1983-
14.6.2016A theoretical study of dinitrogen activation and reduction by molybdenum porphyrinsHeiðar Már Aðalsteinsson 1987-
7.1.2020Theoretical Understandings of Corruption in Iceland: Assessing the Fit of Principal-Agent and Collective Action TheoryLindsey Mitchell 1993-
18.12.2015Theorizing for maintenance management improvements: Using case studies from the Icelandic geothermal sectorReynir Smári Atlason 1985-
31.1.2018Theory and Application of the Failure Forecast MethodSalóme Jórunn Bernharðsdóttir 1994-
24.3.2011Theory and practice in mathematics teacher education : building a learning communityGuðbjörg Pálsdóttir; Guðný Helga Gunnarsdóttir; Jónína Vala Kristinsdóttir
3.5.2018The theory of the Anthropocene: Inquiry into the ‘age of Anthropos’ between natural sciences and environmental humanitiesLuciano, Eugenio, 1993-
12.6.2018Therapeutic AbodeMangubat, Sarah Daisog, 1994-
9.8.2017Therapist fidelity with integrated cognitive remediation for early psychosisThelma Smáradóttir 1991-
29.4.2011There are no Sundays on the farm: A study on the Icelandic tradition of sending children to farms during the summerÓlöf Daðey Pétursdóttir 1982-
11.5.2018There Won't Be A Shire, Pippin: Merry and Pippin, the overlooked heroes of The Lord of the RingsHelga Björg Arnarsdóttir 1980-
31.5.2019Thermal and Structural Modeling of the Sacrificial Casing for Geothermal WellsPekyavas, Mehmet, 1994-
10.6.2013Thermal dynamics of sub-arctic Lake Lagarfljót, IcelandHrund Ólöf Andradóttir 1972-
12.1.2017Thermal front velocity modelling and lumped parameter simulationAchou, Yapi Donatien, 1976-
26.6.2012Thermoanaerobacter : potential ethanol and hydrogen producersHrönn Brynjarsdóttir 1972-
23.6.2020Thermoeconomic analysis and optimization of geothermal power cycle utilizing aqueous potassium carbonate for scrubbing superheated steamBrandon Velasquez 1996-