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Titlar 35.050 til 35.074 af 38.284
12.2.2016What are thin capitalization tax schemes and how are they being countered by policy makers.Jón Bjarni Steinsson 1981-
18.6.2020What are you whaling for? : rationalizing conservation and indigenous customary fishery : case study of customary fishery of Lamalerans in Indonesia’s Savu SeaMaukar, Maesa, 1987-
7.9.2015What can project managers learn from the Icelandic national football team’s managers in project management?Anna Sigríður Vilhelmsdóttir 1976-
7.9.2015What can project managers learn from the Icelandic national football team’s managers in shaping group dynamics?Erna Kristjánsdóttir 1979-
16.2.2017What defines the “typical” sex offence perpetrated by juveniles in Iceland? : an analysis of their sexual offending behaviourAnna Sofía Rosdahl 1993-
26.10.2012What determines the inflow of foreign direct investmentHelga Kristjánsdóttir 1969-; Stefanía Óskarsdóttir 1962-
20.6.2019What did our dinner have for lunch? : analysing microplastics by dissolving fish guts from Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) and saithe (Pollachius virens) from the west coast of Icelandde Vries, Adriana Neeltje, 1995-
9.1.2017What did they sound like? Reconstructing the music of the Viking AgeChihiro Tsukamoto 1993-
3.5.2016What Do Editorial Cartoons about the 21st United Nations Conference on Climate Change Have in Common?Kutsai, Iaroslava, 1991-
24.3.2011What do we know about teachers working lives?Sólveig Karvelsdóttir
5.5.2014What does the Hungarian case tell us about the role of the Commission as “guardian of the treaties”, and how can we understand this role from the perspective of theories of European integrationHarpa Hrönn Frankelsdóttir 1972-
8.6.2020What does the icelandic public know about post-traumatic stress disorder?Jasmine Cherrise Hauksdóttir 1996-
25.5.2011What features determine small states activities in the international arena? Iceland’s approach to foreign relations until the mid-1990’sBaldur Þórhallsson
14.6.2018What happens after psychiatric diagnosis? The course and type of intervention at Landspitali - The National University Hospital of IcelandInga Guðlaug Helgadóttir 1984-
5.10.2017What international business really needs to know : analysing information seeking behaviour of companies before and during internationalizationKristján Helgi Bryde 1991-
31.1.2013What International Market Entry Strategy Should Kerecis Follow to Enter Into the Indian Chronic Diabetic Wound Market?Kristjana Welch 1972-
30.5.2014What is below the water masses? Multibeam studies of Öskjuvatn, Thingvallavatn and KleifarvatnÁrni Friðriksson 1990-
20.10.2020What is holding back women from reaching CEO positions in Iceland? : does it depend on company size?Dröfn Farestveit 1996-
9.10.2009What is in a Mystery? A Closer Look at the Inspector Morse Mysteries by Colin DexterBryndís Júlía Róbertsdóttir 1983-
26.5.2014What is morality? : Pascal's Heartfelt answerBaruchello, Giorgio, 1974-
26.5.2014What is morality? Colloquium in honour of Mikael M. KarlssonMeckl, Markus, 1967-
8.1.2020What is more valuable in the creation of an alliance, democratic values or hegemonic state? The cases of the Delian League and NATOTsikas, Dimitrios, 1985-
11.1.2012What is the best global marketing strategy for a sourcing company located in China? A Case Study of BIK InternationalMargrét Kristín Sigurðardóttir 1964-
23.5.2017What is the importance and role of food in modern Japanese society? Why is Japanese food classified as world heritage and what makes Japanese food stand apart from the food culture of other countries?César Vladimir Rodríguez Cedillo 1992-
24.6.2015What is the RepRap? : Origin and influencesJabali, Corto Arcadio, 1988-