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Titlar 35.604 til 35.628 af 38.782
9.5.2016“A woman's whole life in a single day. Just one day. And in that day her whole life”. Fluid Sexual Identity in Michael Cunningham´s The HoursWlodarczyk, Andrzej, 1981-
10.9.2013Women and Madness in the 19th Century. The effects of oppression on women's mental healthElísabet Rakel Sigurðardóttir 1978-
4.6.2020Women and menstruation : how menstrual symptoms affect the daily lives of Icelandic womenKatarína Sif Kjartansdóttir 1994-
22.10.2018Women in the Arctic : economy, governance and politicsGrilli, Adamaria, 1947-
7.5.2019Women in the Hands of Men: An Analysis of Female Characters from The Dresden File and A Song of Ice and FireSteinunn Marta Þórólfsdóttir 1982-
6.5.2009Women in the modern Japanese economyBragi Ólafsson 1986-
8.3.2018Women involved with fisheries in the Northern Westfjords of Iceland : roles, perceptions, and hopeYingst, Alexandra, 1993-
26.10.2012Women on boards and women in managementElín Blöndal 1966-; Bendixen, Jytte Kaltoft
11.8.2016Women's purchase intention for organic skin care productsStefanía Bergmann Magnúsdóttir 1991-
10.5.2016Words of AM 173 c 4to: A philological analysisCrowe, Benjamin, 1990-
11.5.2015Words of triumph : the use of rhetoric in newspapers during the Reykjavík 2014 municipal election campaignAri Brynjólfsson 1989-
10.9.2010Wordsworth's Ballads in Lyrical Ballads 1798, Inspirations and Ideas behind Wordsworth's balladsFreydís Ósk Daníelsdóttir 1982-
14.4.2011Work ability assessment : description and evaluation of a new tool in vocational rehabilitation and in disability claimsÁsa Dóra Konráðsdóttir 1973-
30.6.2010Work Analysis and Autonomy - Socialisme ou Barbarie's Concept of Revolutionary Work ResearchAndrea Gabler
3.9.2013Work motivation: A comparison of HR managers’ and employees’ perceptions as well as perceptions in the public and private sectorsAnna Klara Georgsdóttir 1980-
31.8.2017Work on new event sources for detectErGuðmundur Stefánsson 1992-
11.6.2018Work participation of people with MSElena Maltseva 1977-
8.6.2011Work with scores in the creating processVilkaitytė, Austėja, 1985-
28.8.2014Working memory span and ADHD symptomsHelga Bjarkadóttir 1989-
11.8.2016Workplace equality and diversity in Iceland : organizational efforts and influence on employeesLaura Nesaule 1984-
1.1.2007Workstation for full wave form acoustic loggingDavíð Steinar Guðjónsson
8.1.2019Work-related Stress: Review of Main Stressors in the Icelandic Travel IndustryNino Paniashvili 1987-
22.6.2016World Building : the attempt to exhaustively survey a place that isn´t thereBrynjúlfur Þorsteinsson 1989-
25.5.2020A World Destroyed: A Marxist Look into Suzanne Collin’s The Hunger Games trilogyBridget Nyambura 1997-
2.8.2011The World Trade Organization and the common agricultural policy : is the Common Agricultrual Policy of the European Union changing?Sindri Baldur Sævarsson 1985-