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Titlar 30.235 til 30.259 af 33.036
12.6.2017Wạnderlust [ˈvandɐlʊst]Tritschler, Sarah Lucy, 1992-
30.1.2017The Wagon, The Phallus and The Conical Hat: Origins and Features of Freyr's Cult in Heathen-Age IcelandAðalheiður Eyvör Pálsdóttir 1994-
6.9.2011Waiting for Nothing; an Analysis of "Waiting for Godot" by Samuel BeckettWithanage, Ishara Hansani, 1981-
2.6.2017Waiting Time Estimation. A case of EVE Online and CCP Customer SupportGuðmundur Helgason 1990-
20.6.2019Wake turbulence separation for Keflavik International Airport : Re-categorisation Requirements (RECAT-EU)Toma Emilov Tomov 1976-
7.9.2015Walkers / Afturgöngur. Heimildamynd um íslenskar afturgöngurEsther Ýr Þorvaldsdóttir 1989-
2.3.2010War in the name of principles and values : NATO's intervention in Kosovo and its consequences for international stabilityArnaud Siad 1985-
1.1.2002Ward sisters´perception of their role : phenomenological studyÁgústa Benný Herbertsdóttir
1.6.2017Warming responses of two native Icelandic species, Ranunculus acris and Thymus praecox ssp. arcticus in geothermal areasNia Sigrun Perron 1991-
5.9.2016Warum sind Filme ein gutes Lehrmittel im Fremdsprachenunterricht?Svanborg Þórdís Sigurðardóttir 1967-
9.5.2011Was steckt hinter und in dem Grimmschen MärchenSelma Guðmundsdóttir 1984-
8.6.2016Waste Heat Recovery and Utilization at United Silicon IcelandSara Lind Einarsdóttir 1989-
19.3.2018Waste Heat Recovery from Aluminum ProductionMiao Yu 1992-
11.6.2009Waste Heat Utilization at Elkem Ferrosilicon Plant in IcelandHeimir Hjartarson 1984-
4.10.2014The Waste Land Motif in Jean Raspail's Sept Cavaliers and Stephen King's The Dark Tower SeriesFavéro, Véronique, 1986-
9.11.2009Water-Rock Interaction During CO2 Sequestration in BasaltFlaathen, Therese Kaarbø
29.9.2015Water-rock interaction during mineral carbonation and volcanic ash weatheringHelgi Arnar Alfreðsson 1984-
24.5.2011Water-rock interaction of silicic rocks: An experimental and modelling approachRodríguez, Alejandro, 1977-
17.8.2016Water‐soluble nitroxide biradicals for dynamic nuclear polarizationJagtap, Anil Pandurang, 1980-
7.5.2010Watery Hues. A short storyMaría S. Holm Halldórsdóttir 1971-
1.1.2006Wave : a Java based warehouse visualisation environmentLaurent F. Somers
18.6.2019The way of the unarmed warrior : anthropometry, physical and psychological parameters of Icelandic male mixed martial arts and Brazilian jiu-jitsu fightersDavíð Már Sigurðsson 1991-
21.9.2010A way out of the cul-de-sac? Japanese "Office Ladies", internationalism and work-life balanceUna Hlín Valtýsdóttir 1968-
31.3.2009We are caught up in our own world : conceptions of curriculum within three different disciplines at the University of IcelandGuðrún Geirsdóttir
8.9.2014We need to talk about Gefjun: Toward a new etymology of an Old Icelandic theonymFrench, Kevin, 1988-