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1.1.2006The rationalist of Aquino: Rescuing Aquinas from intellective determinismSigurður Kristinsson 1966-
1.1.2006Il signor Erminio Ekdal and the first translation of the "Wild Duck": domesticating Henrik Ibsen for late Nineteenth-Century ItalyGiuliano D'Amico
1.1.2006Narrative ethics and the ecology of culture : notes on new Italian-Icelandic sagasAntonio Casado da Rocha
27.6.2008The Birds by Tarjei Vesaas and The Heron by Giorgio Bassani: The Identification with the Ornithological OtherSara Culeddu
27.6.2008Paesaggio naturale e politiche di sviluppo territoriale in IslandaEmanuela Finocchietti; Luca Zarrilli
27.6.2008Giuseppe Garibaldi and Sweden: Between Solidarity and ScandinavismMonica Quirico
27.6.2008The Elemér Balogh (1881-1955): The Forgotten Great Scholar of Roman Law and Comparative LawGábor Hamza
27.6.2008The Peloponnesian War, the Spanish Requirement and the Clash of Civilizations: An Application of Plato's TheaetetusWendy C. Hamblet
1.7.2008A Promoter of Italian Language and Culture in Iceland: Þórhallur ÞorgilssonMauro Barindi
2.7.2008Staðalímyndir og sannleikurFlavio Baroncelli; Egill Arnarson 1973-
2.7.2008Flavio Baroncelli: A Personal RecollectionMikael M. Karlsson 1943-
2.7.2008Il valore della testimonianza – The Value of TestimonyNicla Vassallo
2.7.2008Theological Compatibilism and Essential PropertiesNicola Ciprotti
2.7.2008A Necessary Conflict: Eros and Philia in a Love RelationshipSara Protasi
2.7.2008"These wasps behave just like those men who...": Irony and Optimism in Baroncelli's writingsFabrizio Veneziano
30.6.2010Work Analysis and Autonomy - Socialisme ou Barbarie's Concept of Revolutionary Work ResearchAndrea Gabler
30.6.2010Education, Democracy and Digital MediaBirte Hatlehol
30.6.2010Beyond the Reductionist Thinking-DoingFotis Theodoridis
30.6.2010Capitalism and Freedom: The Core of a Contradiction - An Essay on Cornelius Castoriadis and John McMurtryBaruchello, Giorgio, 1974-
30.6.2010Gestalt and Totality. The Case of Merleau-Ponty and Gestalt PsychologyHåvard Nilsen
30.6.2010Freedom and the CollectiveIngerid Straume
30.6.2010Castoriadis’ Concept of Institution and DemocracyRendtorff, Jacob Dahl, 1965-
30.6.2010Democracy and the Moral Imperative to PhilosophizeHumphrey, J. F.
30.6.2010Abstract: Spurious Landscape no. 11Stephen Hastings-King
30.6.2010The Great ResistanceStuart Winchester