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Titlar 22 til 46 af 261
5.7.2010Balboflugið frá sjónarhorni frímerkja söfnunarSigurður Þorsteinsson
9.4.2013Beyond subjectivity : Levinas, Kierkegaard and the absolute otherFerro, Floriana
30.6.2010Beyond the Reductionist Thinking-DoingFotis Theodoridis
5.7.2010Binasco Matteo, Viaggiatori e missionari nel Seicento: Pacifique de Provins fra Levante, Acadia e Guyana, 1622 -1648, prefazione di Luca Codignola (Novi Ligure: Città del silenzio, 2006)Giulia Ferrara
5.7.2010Birth and Rebirth: the Past, Present and Future of Albanian TransitionEmily Pearce
6.7.2010Black Metal, Literature and Mythology. The Case of Cornelius JakhellnGiuliano D'Amico
24.4.2013Brian Lucey, Charles Larkin and Constantin Gurdgiev (eds.) What if Ireland defaults? (Dublin: Orpen Press, 2012)Guðmundur Heiðar Frímannsson 1952-
30.6.2010Capitalism and Freedom: The Core of a Contradiction - An Essay on Cornelius Castoriadis and John McMurtryBaruchello, Giorgio, 1974-
30.6.2010Castoriadis and Cognitive Linguistics: A Research Trajectory in the Form of 12 Busy FragmentsStephen Hastings-King
30.6.2010Castoriadis’ Concept of Institution and DemocracyRendtorff, Jacob Dahl, 1965-
23.4.2013Cédric Viale, Lexicon of environmental law : les définitions du droit de l’environment (Leiden: Martinus-Nijhoff Publishers, 2012)Johnstone, Rachael Lorna, 1977-
8.4.2013Christian Joerges and Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann (eds.), Constitutionalism : multilevel trade governance and international economic law (Hart Publishing: Studies in International Trade Law, 2011)Johnstone, Rachael Lorna, 1977-
24.6.2013Colonial past and constitutional momentum : the case of IcelandÁgúst Þór Árnason 1954-
26.3.2013Compensating the crashersÁrsæll Már Arnarsson 1968-
15.4.2013Conference papers from the winter symposium "Towards a new ethical imagination : political and social values in a cosmopolitan world society", Turku, Finland, 10-12 February 2012Rendtorff, Jacob Dahl, 1965-
15.4.2013Considerable life extension versus immortalityRantanen, Rosa
24.4.2013Constance Gunderson, Human trafficking : the trafficking of women in northern Germany for the purpose of sexual exploitation, systematic overview of community based responses and challenges (Bremen: Lit Verlag, 2012)Meckl, Markus, 1967-
5.7.2010Contemporary Greek-Swedish Relations - a Brief OverviewIoannis Michaletos
9.4.2013Cornelius Castoriadis. A society adrift : interviews & debates 1974-1997 (translated by Helen Arnold; New York: Fordham University Press, 2010)Birgir Guðmundsson 1956-
24.6.2013Creativity in the research process : accompanying Aristotle on a scuba diving excursion in the Red SeaNilsén, Åke
7.2.2014Cruelty and austerity : Philip Hallie’s categories of ethical thought and today’s greek tragedyBaruchello, Giorgio, 1974-
26.3.2013Cultural diversity and the shared premises requirementRäikkä, Juha; Weyermann, Daniel
23.4.2013C. Raudvere & J.P. Schjödt (eds.), More than mythology : narratives, ritual practices and regional distribution in pre-christian Scandinavian religions (Lund: Nordic Academic Press, 2012)Mustonen, Tero
26.5.2014De l’idéal démocratique : les anciens et les modernesTzitzis, Stamatios
21.3.2013The deficit model and the forgotten moral valuesSiipi, Helena; Ahteensuu, Marko