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Titlar 45 til 69 af 261
26.5.2014De l’idéal démocratique : les anciens et les modernesTzitzis, Stamatios
21.3.2013The deficit model and the forgotten moral valuesSiipi, Helena; Ahteensuu, Marko
30.6.2010Democracy and the Moral Imperative to PhilosophizeHumphrey, J. F.
8.4.2013Development and codification of private law in PortugalHamza, Gábor, 1949-
26.5.2014Deweyan democracy : the epistemic contextJón Ólafsson 1964-
12.4.2013The dialectics of democracyRoman-Lagerspetz, Sari
2.4.2013Die Versprachlichung des Sakralen : the transformation of the authority of the sacred into secular political deliberation in Habermas’ theory of communicative actionLarsen, Øjvind, 1946-
2.4.2013Discourse ethics beyond Apel and Habermas : a realistic relaunchKettner, Matthias, 1955-
18.4.2013The documentary "Enemies of the People" (2009) and the question of ethicsPiotrowska, Agnieszka
9.4.2013Dogancan Özsel (ed.) Reflections on conservatism (Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2011)Barden, Garrett, 1939-
23.5.2014Dom Holdaway & Filippo Trentin (eds.), Rome, postmodern narratives of a cityscape (London & Brookfield: Pickering & Chatto, 2013)Baruchello, Giorgio, 1974-
23.5.2014Duncan Light, The Dracula dilemma : tourism, identity and the state in Romania (London: Ashgate, 2012)Frent, Cristi
26.3.2013The economic crisis seen from Israel : cause and effectPolliack, Lily
18.4.2013The economic sociology of late capitalism : the contributions from Boltanski, Thévenot and ChiapelloRendtorff, Jacob Dahl, 1965-
30.6.2010Education, Democracy and Digital MediaBirte Hatlehol
26.3.2013Eight noble opinions and the economic crisis : four literary-philosophical sketches à la Eduardo GaleanoBaruchello, Giorgio, 1974-
25.3.2013Eligio Resta, Diritto Vivente (Bari: Editori Laterza, 2008)Cantaluppi, Carlo, 1986-
26.3.2013Emergence of a new paradigm : towards a post-crisis cosmopolitanismRendtorff, Jacob Dahl, 1965-
26.3.2013Enhancing social responsibility within global supply chains : is legal regulation the optimal solution?Peterková, Katerina
4.4.2013Equality : a principle of human interactionHjördís Hákonardóttir 1944-
23.5.2014Erik S. Reinert & Francesca Lidia Viano (eds.), Thorstein Veblen. Economics for an age of crises (London: Anthem, 2012)Baruchello, Giorgio, 1974-
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5.7.2010Eternal Kantele at the End of Time– Reflections on Retraditionalization of Traditional Knowledge In the Face of Rapid Ecological Changes in the ArcticTero Mustonen
24.6.2013Ethical challenges facing Greenland in the present era of globalization : towards global responsibilityRendtorff, Jacob Dahl, 1965-
26.5.2014Ethics and ego : east-west perceptions of moralityGeir Sigurðsson 1969-