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  • What is the best global marketing strategy for a sourcing company located in China? A Case Study of BIK International
  • Master's
  • The purpose of the thesis is to find out what is the best global marketing strategy for a China based sourcing company focusing on the best strategy option for a particular company, BIK International. The goal of this research is to contribute to the potential view of the owners and managers of BIK International on possible routes and ensure that the decision makers have relevant information on hand to make important decisions for the future of the company. The analysis is based on in-depth-interviews with BIK’s managers and information received from the company and the Internet. Various analyzing tools are used in this case study. The analysis shows that BIK has many options but in this thesis it is highly recommended that BIK use its strengths to focus on targeting small and medium sized retailers, offering clear product range in furniture and home accessories. It is furthermore recommended that hierarchical mode will be selected with sales representatives in each country to be targeted. Countries expected to grow fast in consumption in the near future, such as China, should also be seriously considered as an option. There is increasing number of western resource companies defining themselves as a bridge in both directions between West and East. In that way the owner of BIK International, LDH BV, could get its share of the fast growing Chinese market. In terms of value, the importance of this research is mainly for the owners and managers of BIK. It could as whole or specific parts, all the same, be useful to other sourcing companies located in China and enhance their knowledge.

  • Jan 11, 2012
  • http://hdl.handle.net/1946/10513

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