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  • Titill er á ensku What's on your mind? Examining consumer behaviour on Facebook
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    Social media marketing is about creating content that encourages consumers to share the message and promote the business, product or service that is being offered. It is a way to engage in a dialogue with others and share opinions. Consumer behaviour is changing and evolving at a fast pace and businesses need to be ready to adapt to new consumer trends. By understanding the consumer, marketers can engage in a conversation with the customer without fear.
    The purpose of the study is to investigate why Icelandic consumers age 25-30 share ideas, innovations and brand experiences with others on Facebook? The research is a qualitative study and data was collected by conducting six semi-structured interviews with users of the social networking site Facebook.
    Results of the study indicate that sharing content is a means of communicating with others and to be a part of a community among individuals who share similar interests. Participation involves receiving guidance and informational support. It is about meeting needs like entertainment, affiliation and to belong. Consumers online are no longer inactive spectators but can express their opinion and be heard. The power of consumers has increased with the creation of social media. Their message can be heard by so many other consumers. Companies especially need to be careful because it is so easy for consumers to spread the word and it travels very fast.

  • 13.1.2012

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