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  • Variety of Death Scenes in Dickens. In books and on screen
  • January 2012
  • The aim of this essay is to explore various death scenes as they appear in variety of Charles Dickens’ novels, how he portrays emotions, and how he sets the mood in those delicate moments. Furthermore, I explore what various critics have had to say about these scenes, and finally I look at how successful, or not, those scenes have been adapted into film and television.
    I begin the essay by talking about how the children in Dickens’ world are affected by their upcoming death, focusing on Jenny’s baby son in Bleak House, little Paul Dombey in Dombey and Son, and little Nell Trent in The Old Curiosity Shop. They are all children who die as a result of illness. Possibly, Nell suffers more than the other two, but death does not come quickly to any of them. In the case of Jenny’s baby boy, we mainly understand the sorrow of his departure through his mother, whereas with Paul Dombey and Little Nell, they both face their journeys with maturity beyond their years.
    Next I talk about one of the most brutal murders in Dickens’ novels; focusing on Nancy’s death in Oliver Twist, where Sikes allows his anger get the better of him and brutally murders Nancy without knowing all of the facts.
    Lastly, I compare two men waiting for death in prison, focusing on the executions of Sydney Carton in A Tale of Two Cities, and Fagin in Oliver Twist, where Sydney dies at peace having followed his will and achieved his redemption, but Fagin gradually becomes insane due to the fear of dying.
    Additionally, by exploring how these powerful scenes have been adapted to screen, you get the chance to become more involved with the characters and look at these scenes from a different perspective.
    Keywords: Enska, Charles Dickens, Bókmenntagreining

  • Jan 20, 2012
  • http://hdl.handle.net/1946/10654

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