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  • Titill er á ensku Export Incentives and Barriers to Export: The Icelandic Fishing Industry
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    Though Iceland’s economy has for centuries largely been driven by export, especially fish exports, there has not been much research by scholars in that area or in internationalizing from Iceland. In 1996, Arnar Bjarnason published his book Export or die - The Icelandic fishing industry: the nature and behaviour of its export sector. At that time, it was the most extensive and comprehensive research on the export sector in the Icelandic fishing industry. Since then, some research has been done in the area. This study is meant to follow up some elements of Arnar Bjarnason´s research. The overall aim of this research is to identify the export behaviour of Icelandic marine product export companies (IMPEC´s), but the aim can be further decomposed into three objectives. The first is to identify and locate IMPEC´s, the second is to summarise the barrier for the IMPEC´s, and the third is to summarise the incentives that lie behind the export. In this research, both the two basic research methodologies, the qualitative and quantitative methods, are used to collect data, in addition to the theoretical approach.
    A number of interesting research findings have emerged from this study.
    Regarding barriers to export, high transportation cost from Iceland is seen as the biggest obstacle today for IMPEC´s. The policy of political parties is second, the third is domestic transport cost and the fourth is the unstable business environment in Iceland.
    Another interesting finding is that the listed barriers resulting from this research are totally different from export barriers found in other research listed in this study, as well as different from the theoretical approaches documented.
    The main motivations or incentives for export is the personal characteristics, like foreign experience and experience in the fishing industry of the managers/owners of IPMEC´s, as well as their personal network or connections they have acquired abroad.
    By comparing the Icelandic environment of the IMPEC´s, it can be concluded that no single theory can explain the internationalization or the exports from Iceland - though there is strong evidence that the characteristics of the management and the incentives, explained by the network model, could be common factors for most IMPEC´s.
    The thesis will also discuss the limitations of the research.
    Keywords: Export Incentives, Export Barriers, Internationalization, The Icelandic Fishing Industry

  • 10.2.2012

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