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  • Load Bearing Capacity of Super-Light Decks
  • Master's
  • Super-Light Decks (SLD) are an invention of prof. Kristian D. Hertz at DTU. They are one branch of his patented invention of Super-Light structures. The SLDs are intended to be an alternative to Hollow Core Slabs. Instead of the holes in hollow core slabs, around half of the slabs volume is made up of light aggregate concrete blocks. That increases both sound insulation and fire resistance.
    In this masters project the behavior of the SLDs has been calculated and tests made to confirm the calculations. The aim is to show that the methods used to calculate the load bearing capacity of SLDs can safely be used in the design of buildings.
    The characteristics investigated were: Moment bearing capacity, Stiffness, Shear capacity, Anchorage, Fire resistance, Eigenfrequency and Damping.
    The method used to calculate the Shear capacity turned out to be very much on the safe side and the Eigenfrequency did not fit completely with what was expected. Apart from that the calculations seem to be quite reasonable.
    Some suggestions are also made to how the Super-Light Decks can be used, in ways not possible with Hollow Core Slabs. The two main things looked at are cantilevered and fixed end Decks.

  • Mar 7, 2012
  • http://hdl.handle.net/1946/10914

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