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  • EU: A boys' club? Feminist theory and the European Union: Does it matter who our representatives are?
  • Master's
  • In this thesis the goal is to look at the European Union (EU) and see how the Union’s Commission is handling the battle for gender equality. In the last decades it has become ever more obvious that women are under-represented in international organizations and decision-making. Gender equality, and more women among appointed officials, should be one of the guiding lights of EU’s Commissions policy work. In this thesis, gender equality within the Commission will be closely looked at.
    Seeking answers to these questions, two types of research methods are used. The main part of the thesis is based on already existing materials, e.g. surveys, books, articles and materials published by the EU. To get a critical judgement on the collected materials, I will do an empirical analysis on the Commission’s infrastructure to get a deeper sense of how gender equality issues are evolving within the Commission.
    The main results are, that in spite of the increased participation of women in politics, it is not enough to hope and encourage others to work further on gender equality. We have to start with ourselfs. In spite of all the good promises, gender equality within EU’s Commission is yet to be perceived. There are multiple reasons for why that is so, and in this thesis the biggest emphasis will be on the patriarchal system and how the political system, international and regional, has been, and still is, shaped by men’s experiences.
    Key words: feminist theory, hegemonic masculinity, the European Union, societies, gender equality, international relations, the international system.

  • Apr 26, 2012
  • http://hdl.handle.net/1946/11091

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