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  • Titill er á ensku Medicalisation of Childbirth in Western Society. Can Women Resist the Medicalisation of Childbirth?
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    The Western world tends to focus on science, technology and profit which has had a huge impact on the childbirth process. The medicalisation of childbirth seems to have reached a stage in the Western world where the increasing reliance on technology seems to be having a negative effect. Power within relationships, such as between the population and authority, affects the population in a regulatory and disciplinary manner where the population feel the need to conform. Abnormal behaviour, such as resisting medicalisation, is heavily criticized because it creates uncertainty and danger. Childbirth is considered to be a deviant condition whereby women have to conform to the medicalisation of childbirth. If women resist, their behaviour is considered abnormal and risky but should be respected, as the women who find the strength to resist, often do so successfully. They do become part of a power struggle, where the health professionals and women use tactics to try and get what each need. Childbirth should be part of a respectful relationship whereby both views are respected to create a final outcome that empowers the woman, ensures a safe birth for the baby but with the help of the health professional

  • 30.4.2012

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