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  • es El uso de ilustraciones en los diccionarios de ELE. Las ventajas
  • May 2012
  • The focus of the work presented in this paper is the study of the advantages provided by the usage of illustrations in Spanish dictionaries for foreigners. Within the Theoretical Framework it analyses the role of dictionaries in teaching, their function and the criteria for their use in Spanish language classes. It defines the term illustration and studies its use in the didactic, psychological, philosophical and physiological sciences. In addition, it investigates the typology of illustrations and different classification criteria of these, together with the psychological peculiarities of colour perception such as the influence of colours in psychological activities. In the second part it analyses four Spanish dictionaries by examining the theoretical data obtained during the bibliography review. The criteria for the analysis are: frequency of illustrations, type of visual elements and the use of colours and the functions of illustrations in dictionaries. In order to classify the visual elements it establishes criteria based on the form, content and manner of expressing reality. Illustrations are analysed to determine their functions and classified as proposed by Sánchez Benítez (2009). In the third part, it describes the study of a survey conducted in three secondary schools in Iceland and in the University of Iceland. The results of this survey can help, firstly, to determine the preferences of respondents regarding the visual content of the educational material, and secondly, to determine the challenges the students have when consulting the Spanish dictionaries in question as well as to conduct a comparative analysis of the psychological peculiarities of the perception of learners of different ages.

  • May 4, 2012
  • http://hdl.handle.net/1946/11382

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