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  • Aðferðir í markaðssetningu á vörum og þjónustu á félagsnet vefsíðum sýnt með dæmi um véfsíðu
  • Titill er á ensku Methods of Product and Service Promotion in Social Network Websites Demonstrated with an Example of Website
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    The purpose of the current study was to develop a model of promoting goods and
    services in social network websites with an example of a website VK, the most popular
    social network in Russia and other former Soviet republics.
    In the first chapter, to begin with were described the main characteristics of Internet
    services and their usage for online product and service promotion. Next were analyzed
    various factors that determine the effectiveness of online communications. The
    advertising campaign goals were divided into two groups: economical and
    communicative. From that, the effectiveness of advertising was also divided into two
    components: communicative and economical effectiveness. To access the effectiveness
    of online advertising it was proposed to utilize the comprehensive system of evaluating
    the effectiveness at the stage when Internet consumers engage with advertising
    information. This joint system integrated the so-called “AIDA concept”, which assumes
    four steps in the consumer purchase-decision process: attention, interest, desire and
    action; and major web analytics that measure and analyze the effectiveness of online
    marketing activities. Another important step in product and service promotion is to
    select the right supplier of resources, in our case, advertising space and time. To
    develop the appropriate techniques for selecting and evaluating suppliers of online
    advertising resources was used an analogy with the procurement logistics’ supplier
    selection and evaluation process.
    In the second chapter was given the concept of social networks. To identify the
    aspects of promoting goods and services in social networks was provided an example of
    promoting goods of an online store in the widely used website VK. The
    advertising campaign resulted in profits and, consequently, it was concluded that with
    the right choice of a social network as supplier of ad space and time it is possible to
    promote products and services successfully and cost-effectively.

  • 4.5.2012

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