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  • Difficulties and solutions of learning Icelandic for foreigners
  • May 2012
  • This thesis mainly focuses on difficulties in learning Icelandic, as well as analyzing and suggesting measures for improvements of these difficulties.
    Icelandic is a hard language to learn and many foreigners have encountered great difficulties in the learning process. The syntax of Icelandic is unique and complex, take the nouns for example, this part of speech can be divided into three genders, each with very complex transformations. Icelandic pronunciation of some letters is unusual, and with variations in intonation can represent very different nuances of meaning. For foreigners, Icelandic pronunciation is also very difficult. These difficulties can be analyses from different angles, such as the learner’s age, cultural differences etc. To avoid these difficulties and improve learning is therefore essential for successful assimilation. First the learner should establish a good motivation and purpose for learning the Icelandic language. Learn how to consolidate the learning process, try to comprehend the local culture, emphasize listening, reading and more speaking. In short, integration into the local community will help the language learning and the learner will be able to assimilate the language from daily life.

  • May 9, 2012
  • http://hdl.handle.net/1946/11562

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