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  • From song to stories. Creating fiction from lyrics
  • Bachelor's
  • This BA thesis is an experiment in creative writing; it consists of three original short stories that were written by me, a report and an appendix with translations. The stories are almost 10.500 words (55%) while the report is around 7.500 words (40%) and the translation is around 1.000 words (5%). The three stories are based on the lyrics of three songs by the Icelandic rock band HAM from their album Svik, harmur og dauði (2011):“Dauð hóra”, “Veisla hertogans” and “Ingimar” – or “Dead Harlot”, “The Duke’s Banquet” and “Finnegan”. I translated the lyrics into English and wrote the stories “Grief”, “Betrayal”, and “Death”. The translations were based on the theory in translations called Skopos. The necessary skills to write the stories were learned in a Creative Writing course taught by Anna Heiða Pálsdóttir in 2011. The creative process was based mainly on theories and advice from Sol Stein’s On Writing (1995) and Stephen King’s On Writing: A Memoire of the Craft (2000).
    The report explains the entire process of how the stories were made, from the birth of a vague idea to the translation and conception of three interlinking stories. It describes how the theories and guidance from the textbooks were employed to aid in the process and the problems that I faced while writing. I explain in the report recurring themes and hidden subtext within the stories, how the ideas for them came about and the sources in which their meanings were derived from. This is the first work of creative writing by me that appears publicly. By writing the essay, I hope to inspire others to follow their dream and give them an insight into the creative writing experience.

  • May 9, 2012
  • http://hdl.handle.net/1946/11564

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