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  • is Neropoles : using expert systems to monitor pumps in power plants
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    This dissertation examines the use of a rule-based system
    together with a user interface to monitor equipment, in particular a
    water pump located in Krafla power plant. The pump has several
    temperature values that need to be monitored. If the temperature goes
    too high it can damage the equipment and as a result the power plant
    might need to shut down. A prototype of the rule-based system was
    designed in cooperation with Landsvirkjun and the staff at Krafla and
    implemented using an expert system shell called Clips. A program
    generated simulated data to test the rule-based system. Execution of
    this prototype system confirmed that it was able to perform the
    expected task by detecting temperature values falling outside of the
    acceptable bounds.

  • is Verkefnið er lokað
  • Jan 1, 2004
  • http://hdl.handle.net/1946/1198

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