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Titlar 148 til 172 af 282
23.6.2010Landfræðilegar sveiflur fasteignaverðsBjörn Guðmundsson
11.3.2011Landsvirkjun cost estimating and assessment for small hydropower plants : methodology and basis for estimating costViðar Helgason
20.6.2019Legislation meets science : implementing a macroalgae farm to reach the requirements of the Water Framework DirectiveVidal, Lisa Christine, 1988-
19.12.2018Local ecological knowledge on seaweed : a case study of the socio-ecological system in Reykhólar, BreiðafjörðurLee, Jamie, 1985-
25.6.2012Local effects of small port expansion and consequent changes in port-town relationship : the case of Salacgriva, LatviaTiesnese, Liene, 1988-
25.6.2013Local knowledge and perceptions of change in spatial and abundance trends of fish species in the Westfjords of Iceland between 1992 and 2012Jansen, Jennigje Clasina, 1988-
18.6.2018Local stakeholder perceptions of corporate social responsibility with petroleum development : a case study in Harstad, NorwayJenkins, Melanie, 1985-
28.6.2016Loss of longline-bait to northern fulmars : economic balance between damage from bait-loss and costs of measures to reduce seabird bycatch on the Faroe IslandsKühn, Susanne, 1987-
22.3.2011A lumped parameter modelling method for high-temerature geothermal reservoirsBjörn Sveinbjörnsson
20.6.2019Lumpfish habitat development for use in salmon farmingConlon, Helen, 1993-
24.5.2011Management and utilization of Green Sea Urchin (Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis) in Eyjafjörður, Northern IcelandHalldór Pétur Ásbjörnsson
9.8.2017Management of coastal hazardous sites : a case study of Reynisfjara beach, IcelandTruter, Anika, 1992-
28.6.2016Managing coastal heritage in the Westfjords : case study of 19th century Norwegian whaling stationsTyas, Alexandra, 1992-
22.5.2012Marel´s expansions in Vietnam: maximizing the returns and mitigating the risks : can Export Credit Agencies help?Dinh, Trung Quang, 1983-
26.8.2014Marine and underwater cultural heritage management, Robben Island, Cape Town, South Africa : current state and future opportunitiesHumphrey, Johanna Louise, 1989-
24.8.2015Marine animal entanglements in mussel aquaculture gear : documented cases from mussel farming regions of the world including first-hand accounts from IcelandYoung, Madeline Olivia, 1990-
1.7.2013Marine debris in the coastal environment of Iceland´s nature reserve, Hornstrandir : sources, consequences and prevention measuresKienitz, Anna-Theresa, 1988-
14.6.2017Marine protected area management in the Finnish Gulf of Bothnia : connections between underwater nature, human activity and managementNiemelä, Waltteri, 1992-
26.6.2012Maritime transport in the Gulf of Bothnia 2010-2030 : future scenarios for maritime spatial planning purposesPekkarinen, Maija Annukka, 1986-
24.6.2013The market for sustainable seafood in Vancouver : an Ocean Wise assessmentDolmage, Katherine, 1985-
8.9.2014Measuring sustainability and climate change adaptation in coastal communities : an application of the QualityCoast Indicators for Markgrafenheide/HütelmoorSchumacher, Johanna Kristina, 1987-
22.6.2010Methods for monitoring juvenile fish in variable coastal habitats : the effect of a bridge construction on gadoid numbers in Mjóifjörður, IcelandTraian C Leu
25.6.2012Microplastics in the coastal environment of West IcelandDippo, Benjamin, 1984-
20.6.2019Mitigating beach loss : an investigation of foreshore erosion at Royal Roads Bay, Colwood, CanadaMaddox, Wyatt Rhys 1993-
18.3.2011Modeling and integration of a closed loop system for production of SNG from microalgaeMonika Chrusciak