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Lokaverkefni (Meistara)

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  • Assessing the status of project management within a city hall of a European capital with regards to maturity and knowledge management
  • Meistara
  • We live in times of big changes. The credit-crunch has affected businesses and organisations all over the world and Iceland particularly, its consequences being layoffs, cutbacks in projects due to lack of funding amongst other things. The municipality of Reykjavik is no exception to this; it is one of the largest workplaces in Iceland with operations that are both diverse and complex. Employees are well educated specialists and many have studied management of some sort. No project management office is in place, and therefore there is no standardized set of practices and procedures regarding the preparation and execution of projects, nor a centralized documentation of projects completed (or failed) within the municipality. The HRS (human resource system) does not list the abilities and education of its employees and no formal knowledge management is practiced. The level of project management maturity is uncertain and this paper attempts to give an overview of the maturity level of the municipality by fitting the PM practices to the project management maturity model (PMMM). Finally a suggestion is made on how project management practices and knowledge management might be strengthened in order to increase support and cooperation between offices and departments, enhance the level of project management consciousness and skills and - hopefully - improve the efficiency of municipal organisations.

  • 12.9.2012

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