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  • Titill er á ensku Project portfolio management (PPM) in small consulting companies : overview of PPM and an example of a simplified PPM scoreboard
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    The subject of this paper is to explore usefulness of score boards for project portfolio management (PPM) in small consulting companies. The paper is written for managers who are not so familiar with portfolio management to introduce the power of PPM as a steering tool. The paper is also a literature review for PPM. The relationship between strategy and projects is explained as well as the reason why portfolio management is so important for all project based companies. Various PPM methods were looked at in order to find the most time effective and most valuable method for small consulting companies. Project portfolio management case studies based on field research were investigated in order to focus on the most important factors for the suggested model. Categories to be measured for each project were selected and a simple model for financial info included. Each project ends up with a key score number and a colored rate in the portfolio which is an indicator of the project performance, business attribute, basic risk and financial outcome. Such a score card for each project with all the most important numbers and key performance indicators could be very useful for the management in order to be able to spot which projects are good for the company and which are not. The bad ones can then be eliminated from the company’s portfolio.

  • 12.9.2012

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