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  • Titill er á ensku Is Project Management the best way? A comparison of a project process in practice and the mythology
  • Er verkefnastjórnun hin rétta leið?
  • Október 2012
  • Útdráttur er á ensku

    This thesis was done to review the process of an implementation process of anew information platform at an airline using a qualitative research. The implementation process was done primarily by the Information Technology department and the support unit of that department, Library. The aim was to review the implementation process and review the literature of project management to compare the organizations present project procedures to the mythology’s procedures. The conclusion would hopefully be guidance for the organizations management to determine if the classic internal organizations manager would in future projects be the better solution to be the project manager as was done in this project, or if an external project manager should be hired for future projects.
    The mythology of Project management is studied and the literature about the project management processes studied. The organization is introduced and the process of the implementation of the new information platform SharePoint 2010 described.
    The thesis limitations are both the fact that the closing stage has not been reached completely. It would also be debatable if the fact that the researcher is an employee in the Library which is one of the organization departments, it could be considered an advantage or a limitation as it might create a complication since it might be difficult for the researcher to be completely objective during the research.
    If the answers to the research questions are to be considered according to the status of the implementations stage the findings would be:
    Was the implementation of the information platform successful? The project is still in the executing stage and therefore it is not yet possible to answer the question to a full extent. Still the implementation is solving many of the organizational problems regarding the information flow, but also there were complications regarding the users using non Microsoft based technology such as iPads and iPhones. Would it have changed the projects outcome of project management tools had been used and a certified project manager had been managing the project? It would have been more useful for the organization to have documented the process of the implementation documented and then it would have been more valuable as an experience to improve procedures in the future.
    Is Project management the best way to go for projects to be successful? If the status of the project now is looked at and analyzed if it is successful, the answer would be inconclusive, according to the literature this would be considered a project failure, but the departments that have implemented the new platform are very satisfied and therefore consider the project being successful.

  • 20.9.2012

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