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  • Leikjatölvumarkaðurinn. Hvaða breytingar eru líklegar til að hafa áhrif og hvernig á hann að bregðast við?
  • Titill er á ensku The video game console market. What changes are likely to affect the market and how should it respond?
  • Júní 2013
  • The focus of this thesis is to analyze the video game console market as it stands today and research the affects of potential new competitors. There have been worries about the video game market as sales have declined and some even fear that it might be nearing its end. To better understand the affects of new competitors - smartphones, tablets and new consoles will be analyzed. To get a more detailed focus, the thesis will only research home consoles, ignoring the handheld consoles.
    The thesis is based on second hand information on the video game console market and business terms that are useful in the context. The reason for not collecting first hand information is that researching Icelandic video game consumers might not give an accurate picture of the market as a whole. Icelandic video game retail outlets have complained that not all consoles are as accessible for selling and therefore it does not give a fair view into the global market. These second hand sources are mainly studies and researches that have been carried out on the video game market, as well as newspapers, magazines, website articles and other reports on the matter.
    The main conclusion of the thesis is that the market is facing the declining period of its current product life cycles, but not the industry life cycle. There is however increased competition from smartphones and tablets, as casual gamers prefer playing simple games on these devices. The video game console creators should focus on innovation and pleasing medium and hardcore gamers as the environment changes.

  • 3.5.2013

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