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  • Introducing British culture in English language classrooms through three festive traditions
  • Bakkalár
  • This essay focuses on three major British festive traditions and activities related to those traditions. These activities are designed to fit the 10th grade in Icelandic Elementary schools and are supported by Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory. This essay is meant to enlighten teachers about three traditions and prepare them to teach their students about those traditions. In so doing it is hoped that both teachers’ and students’ knowledge of British culture will be deepened.
    The three festive traditions I have chosen to explore are Guy Fawkes Day, Valentine’s Day and May Day. These traditions span the entire school year and are easy to learn about as they all have something in common with our traditions, even though they are not the same. Discussing the differences in our traditions and the British ones is a good way for the students to broaden their minds and widen their perspective about Britain.
    Keywords: British culture, English language classrooms.

  • Grunnskólabraut
  • 25.6.2008

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