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  • Titill er á ensku The Wide-Reaching Influence of Flush: The Importance of Dogs in the Lives and Works of Elizabeth Barrett-Browning and Virginia Woolf
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    This essay demonstrates the positive effect the dogs of Elizabeth Barrett-Browning and Virginia Woolf had on the two writers’ psychological and physical health as well as their influence on the women’s prose and poetry. It shows how Virginia Woolf’s book, Flush: a Biography is in part a means of expression for Woolf, especially when the chapter on Flush’s abduction is examined. It establishes that Barrett-Browning and Woolf used their dogs as pathways or outlets for their feelings, especially in their interaction with other people, whether related to their work or daily matters. This is supported by referring to clinical studies on the health benefits related to a human- animal relationship. Additionally, the essay argues that the book Flush: a Biography is much more than a frivolous dog-book, and shows how it links Barrett-Browning and Woolf together alongside being a mouthpiece for Woolf’s settlement of her own past. Further insight into the two writers’ personal lives is gained by referring to their personal correspondence, diaries and biographies, but the picture Quentin Bell draws up of Virginia Woolf in her biography is simultaneously viewed and criticized.

  • 10.5.2013

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