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  • The Rights of Prisoners : a Global Survey
  • Bakkalár
  • Even though prisoners are deprived of their personal liberty, their basic human rights and freedoms should be respected. Like every other person, a prisoner should be treated with respect and dignity. In this dissertation, the rights of the vulnerable prisoner group are examined in general. The historical background of imprisonment is looked at, basic instruments and standards protecting prisoners’ rights are examined and contemporary prison conditions are investigated. It is a sad reality that prisoners are a target for human rights violations. Their fundamental rights are violated throughout the world every day. Prisoners are treated inhumanely, they are attacked and abused by prison guards as well as fellow inmates, they do not have access to adequate health care and they are held in overcrowded prisons in which the living conditions are dreadful. These are only a few of the examples of the bad treatment of prisoners that is to be found all around the world. Even the prison systems in some of the richest countries are no exception to this. Throughout the years, the necessity to respect prisoners’ rights has increasingly been recognized. Both intergovernmental organizations and non-governmental organizations observe whether standards protecting prisoners’ rights are being enforced and work for reforms of prison systems worldwide. Inspections and surveillance of prison conditions is a big part of prison reform. Nowadays, many countries recognize the need for third-party monitoring of their prisons. Most prisoners return back to the communities from which they came. Thus, attention should be given to what experience they take with them when resettling back into society. As the situation is today, many prisoners become much more damaged persons after having been held behind bars.

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  • 10.7.2008

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