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  • Titill er á ensku Aligning targeted marketing with academic program development goals – case study of MPM program
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    This paper is based on a research on how targeted marketing for an academic program reflects the development goals of that program, and how that is perceived by students, and delivered by alumni in their assessment of the overall program experience.
    The research was done by conducting a case study of the Master of Project Management (MPM) program at Reykjavik University. A questionnaire was sent out to over one hundred members of the MPM Alumni Association (MPMAA) and currently enrolled 2nd year MPM students at Reykjavik University assessing 1) their expectations for the academic program, 2) where those expectations were coming from, and 3) how well the program delivered on those expectations. Those results were compared to the marketing strategy of the program, based on an interview which was conducted with Dr. Jónasson (Jónasson, 2013) who is one of the founders of that MPM program.
    The main hypothesis of the data analysis was to see whether the program development goals impacted the level of delivery in marketing promises, with the assumption that with more expensive students (defined as a student who has a university education, professional experience, and is willing to pay higher tuition), such as the students of this MPM program, academic programs tend to oversell in their marketing material and under deliver based on students perceived experience.
    The main findings of the research show that the students in the MPM program have generally high expectations when entering the program and the MPM program does, for the most part, meet the student’s expectations. Some of the reasons for that may be because the marketing messages were integrated into the academic development goals, that is, the MPM program did not make empty promises in their marketing efforts rather concrete statements based on international standards that were followed through during the course of the program.

  • 29.8.2013

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