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  • Health and Fitness Applications. Applying Habits of Generation Y to increase Gym Membership
  • Bakkalár
  • The primary aim of this thesis is to study the using patterns of health and fitness smart phone applications with a focus on Generation Y. The focus will be on marketing techniques tailored to encourage and motivate users to live a healthy lifestyle through smart phone applications. The secondary aim of this thesis is to establish possible routes health clubs can take to increase membership through using health and fitness applications. One application will be studied in detail due to its high popularity and successful outcomes. This application is the Nike Training Club. Through an analysis of features other successful applications already poses questions for the primary research were gathered. An attempt will be made to develop concepts, based on secondary and primary research, that can be used to increase health club memberships. The conclusion is that Generation Y uses and will continue using applications of the sort for a long time and that the features they expect them to have are motivational, linked to social media, gadget or GPS oriented and essentially free.

  • 20.9.2013

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