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  • Impact of Climate Change on Thermal Power Plants. Case study of thermal power plants in France
  • Title is in Icelandic Áhrif hnattrænnar hlýnunar á raforkuframleiðslu í Frakklandi
  • Master's
  • The theoretical efficiency of thermodynamic cycles and therefore of thermal reactors is intimately linked to external factors such as atmospheric temperature, flow rate and temperature of the coolant. The modification of these factors, particularly due to climate change, is expected to negatively impact the electrical output of thermal power plants.
    This study quantifies this phenomena and forecast the potential electricity loss in France due to Climate Change alone.
    To achieve this, the electrical output of French nuclear, coal and oil-fueled power plant was compared to actual atmospheric temperatures, water flow and temperature.
    Landlocked power plants were found to show a decrease of 0.04-0.8% output per degree increase in air temperature. Reactors using sea water as a coolant showed a relative independence on air temperature. No analysis of the water temperature dependency could be done for landlocked reactors due to lack of data. This was counterbalanced by the high correlation between air and river temperature. For reactors located close to seas, a decreased output was found for temperatures of the water over 14-16 degrees. This result is believed to be due to the limited pumping capacity of cooling systems as well as the temperature of the coolant. No dependence of the electrical output of thermal power plants on current river flows was found. By 2050 however severe draughts could lead to the shut down of several reactors, similarly to droughts observed in 2003.

  • Oct 2, 2013
  • http://hdl.handle.net/1946/16710

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