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  • Titill er á ensku The Edwardian Era as Depicted in Downton Abbey
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    This essay discusses the Edwardian era in English history and how it is depicted in Julian Fellowes' period drama Downton Abbey. The essay gives a brief summary of the historical, political and social background on which Downton Abbey is based. It describes the complexities of Edwardian life and society and compares and contrasts it with important characters of the television series, with focus on how effective they are in acting out an accurate reproduction of the times and how certain characteristics are used to symbolize a virtue typical of the era. The essay also discusses how the storyline reflects the period's issues, and how the characters evolve in order to portray a shift in politics or an event in history. It describes some of the main characters and discusses how their part in the series contributes to the overall representation of the era as well as how their character symbolizes a social group or how they are used to portray a social issue. Interpersonal relationships are discussed, focusing on intersex relations, interclass relationships, the complexities of a typical servant-master relationship and the relevance of one's social rank in regards to one's rights and duties in society. The essay looks into the making of Edwardian society and its cultural and historical significance, as well as what impact it had on modern times and its relevance to British heritage. It discusses several reasons for the series' popularity as well as establish the role it plays in modern entertainment.

  • 20.1.2014

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