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Titlar 1 til 25 af 46
15.6.2021The Animal – The Anthropic – The Automaton : Farming and Technology in Icelandic AgricultureGuðný Sara Birgisdóttir 1993-
18.6.2019Á höttunum eftir fegurð : HelgafellÁrdís Sigmundsdóttir 1963-
20.6.2023Becoming Plant : how to understand the vegetal world through animism and sensors.Quentin Benelfoul 1997-
27.6.2016Bio/geo-mimetric mentoring tool : creating an empowering geometric-mentoring tool, achieving cross-disciplinary knowledge through mimicing natureMc Carron, Sinead Aine, 1981-
2.10.2020Cliffs of Proprioception : Potential Foundational Parameters of Automation within the Socio-Technics of Contemporary Social RealityDake-Outhet, Christopher, 1985-
14.6.2021Color Perception on Mars : Life and Speculation on the Chromatic Change in the Colonization of MarsCuéllar, Francisco, 1994-
28.6.2016Conversation with information : the ecological approach to information designYi, Shuyi, 1986-
23.6.2015Dan/Sha/Ri : get rid of your bother and free up your lifeLi, Yiwei, 1988-
15.6.2021Design for Dementia : how emotional design can aid and guide people with neurodegenerative disease, like Alzheimer’s, through their daily routines at care homes and how it affects and facilitates visual communication.Geyersbach, Lisa, 1995-
13.6.2017Evolution by choice : bodies and minds onMiranda, Angela Edwiges Salcedo, 1983-
18.6.2019Fashioning identity online : how online avatars are fundamentally shifting the relation between fashion and the performance of identitySigríður Birna Matthíasdóttir 1990-
12.6.2017Felt is beautiful : new possibilites for underutilized woolÞorbjörg Valdimarsdóttir 1954-
23.6.2015From the bones : a journey of searching new uses for animal bones in IcelandJiaoni, Jiao, 1986-
18.6.2019Gene editing in the garden : a historical analysis on the accessibility of gene editing toolsElín-Margot Ármannsdóttir 1995-
24.6.2020Glass MountainHarpa Hrund Pálsdóttir 1984-
28.6.2016Harmony and connection : human connectedness through social designPak Eusun, 1986-
23.6.2015The home cultivation project : designing for a self-sustainable worldBrynja Þóra Guðnadóttir 1976-
12.6.2017How photography changes the now and the futureGaugl, Lisa, 1990-
23.6.2015Hugarflug playful workshopsFricke, Arite, 1976-
22.6.2020Human body in mechanised and automated infrastructuresEtchebarne, Argitxu, 1996-
25.6.2020Human creativity in the augmented age : interrogating the works of Maurice Conti and Sougwen ChungSveinn Steinar Benediktsson 1981-
1.2.2021Imaginary Vision of Environmental Change: Taking Design Fiction as CaseLi, Lu, 1992-
23.6.2015In a constant state of flux : embracing impermanence of colors in natural inkDroplaug Benediktsdóttir 1986-
23.6.2015The interrogation of ProteusHjálmar Baldursson 1986-
15.6.2021Keepers Of Light : History and Speculations on the Future of Icelandic LighthousesPradhan, Vikram, 1997-