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  • Titill er á ensku GUMMS - Generic Universal Massive Multiplayer System
  • Bakkalár
  • Útdráttur er á ensku

    GUMMS (Generic Universal Massive Multiplayer System) is a set of game rules and tools, which allow creation of game worlds quickly and inexpensively. GUMMS covers online, strategy and roleplaying game elements.
    Today’s game development and publishing is becoming increasingly expensive and time consuming. The need for a set of game rules that are designed with reusability and cost savings in mind is apparent. The mantra "content is king" is often sung and GUMMS will allow developers more time on content and less on redesigning and problem solving. With GUMMS the end-user benefits by getting to experience different stories and worlds rather than having to learn a new set of rules every time they play.
    The problem is big and the solution cannot be found within the ime frame given for this project. The goal is therefore to obtain funding to fully develop GUMMS. What is being introduced here is the first corner piece of a much bigger puzzle. The team has built the turn-based combat subsystem for GUMMS. This is just a small taste of things to come that should whet the appetite and interest of investors and our future fan base. It showcases what online strategy roleplaying games could and should be. The team has created a workable alpha-demo of this subsystem and skinned it to be a multiplayer arena game with a simple goal: choose your team, enter the field of battle and kill the enemy to win. Investors and fans alike are able to see what the general gist of the idea is through the alpha-demo prism.

  • 27.1.2014

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GUMMS Final Report_restricted.pdf415.16 kBOpinnHeildartextiPDFSkoða/Opna
Retrospectives.pdf104.25 kBOpinnFylgiskjölPDFSkoða/Opna
Risk Analysis.pdf145.08 kBOpinnFylgiskjölPDFSkoða/Opna
System Manual.pdf876.29 kBOpinnFylgiskjölPDFSkoða/Opna
User Testing Results.pdf158.56 kBOpinnFylgiskjölPDFSkoða/Opna
Project Journal.xlsx83.93 kBOpinnFylgiskjölMicrosoft ExcelSkoða/Opna
User Manual.pdf8.12 MBOpinnFylgiskjölPDFSkoða/Opna
Project Journal.pdf373.83 kBOpinnFylgiskjölPDFSkoða/Opna