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  • Title is in Icelandic Face recognition using neural network : final report
  • Abstract is in Icelandic

    This document presents how a face recognition system can be designed with artificial neural
    network. Face recognition involves mapping of the images of a person’s face to the identity of that
    I have implemented a neural network that uses a back-propagation algorithm to recognize and
    classify four aspects of image of a person’s face. These include the identity of the person, the
    expression of the person in the image, the orientation of the face in the image and whether the person
    sports sunglasses.
    The final results was a MatLab built software application with an images provided by Dr. Tom
    Mitchell and utilizes the features of the images of the people taken with varying pose (straight, left,
    right, up) expressions (neutral, happy, sad, angry) eyes, i.e. wearing sunglasses or not and
    The structure of the final software application is illustrated. Furthermore, the results of its
    performance are illustrated by a detailed example.
    Keywords: Face recognition, Artificial Neural Network, MatLab

  • Jul 22, 2008
  • http://hdl.handle.net/1946/1744

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