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  • Titill er á ensku The implication of the economic crisis on the Filipino community in Iceland and why families in the Philippines are affected
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    The research question in this study is “ The implication of the economic crisis on the Filipino community and why families in the Philippines are affected”. When Iceland was badly hit with the financial crisis in 2008, it not only affected the Filipinos in Iceland but also their families in the Philippines. The purpose of this study is to determine the impact of this crisis to the Filipinos being in a country experiencing a financial crisis and its aim is to shed some light on why and how it affected their lives in Iceland and why it is affecting the lives of their families in the Philippines as well.
    This is a qualitative research and the methodology that guided this study is phenomenology. Purposeful sampling was used in selecting the participants. The sample consists of 14 participants, ten females and four males, including a short interview with the Filipino Honorary Consul in Iceland for a general overview of the Filipino community. The participants have been residing in Iceland for many years. They were chosen through snowball sampling technique where the initial participant suggest another possible participants and so on. Many names were suggested but the researcher had to choose from among them those who would most likely fit the research criteria and who would likely provide the answer to the research question.
    The essential criteria is that they have experienced the phenomenon and willing to participate and grant permission to tape record the interview for the purpose of this study.
    Using ten open-ended questions in the interview, the researcher was able to collect and transcribe the data, and then the analyses were clustered into themes. Five themes emerged that described the research. The first theme “ A chance to improve the family
    situation; financial hardship and family reunification” describes how the participants came to Iceland after an invitation to work from a member of the family or from a friend for the purpose of improving the life of their loved ones in the Philippines. The second theme “ Cultural changes: their expectations and disappointments” gave an account of their experiences and the changes they encountered in coming to Iceland including being
    homesick and depressed as well as experiencing difficulty with the Icelandic language.
    The third theme “ Being a breadwinner and work is work” relates to their obligation to send money regularly to their families in the Philippines who are mostly dependent on their financial support and how these participants have to work more jobs to augment
    their income acceding to work in the least desirable and lowest paying jobs even with their educational background. The fourth theme “ Their life after the crisis and the changes they have to make” recounts the sacrifices they have had to make, fore saking
    their own interests and altering their lifestyle in Iceland just to be able to continue their obligation to their families in the Philippines. The fifth theme “ Life after the crisis of the
    families in the Philippines” explains the changes in the life of the participant´s family in the Philippines, why is it affecting them and the chain reaction this crisis has on them.

  • 25.3.2014

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