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  • Titill er á ensku Promotion of human security in EU external policy
  • Meistara
  • Útdráttur er á ensku

    The main aim of this master thesis is to analyse the concept of human security and its role within the framework of EU‘s external policy. Human security revolves around the notion that security of individuals is more important than that of states. The concept of human security will be analysed in detail, its two main definition identified and its origins as a new approach to security explored. The concept will be compared to the traditional security concept which has security of states as a main goal and then the two main dimensions of human security will be viewed. To explore human security within the conceptual framework of EU policies, relevant EU documents and the Lisbon Treaty will be analyzed. Finally, EU’s response to the Libya crisis will be investigated through a human security focus.
    The main conclusion is that there is strong evidence indicating that human security does play a role within the EU, in its general approach to crisis management and that human security has affected the development of its external policy. It is apparent that the EU has realized that security is not only based on the traditional state definition. Aspects of human security are present in various EU’s statements, decisions and discourse but the concept has, however, never been explicitly voiced or drafted in EU’s official documents. Thus, it can be stated that, though the EU clearly follows a human security agenda, a full commitment to the concept of human security has not been made.
    In the conclusions a full commitment by the EU to the concept of human security is recommended. This would serve as an important factor providing the EU with a direct and clear strategy in crisis management and enhance its legitimacy as a global actor.

  • 2.5.2014

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