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  • Titill er á spænsku Nuestra página web. Una secuencia didáctica 2.0 para hablantes de herencia
  • Titill er á ensku Our website. A teaching unit 2.0 for heritage learners
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    Increasingly, heritage speakers are no longer just a rooted phenomenon in the United States of America. They have also started to become a substantial community in some regions of Italy. The members of this particular population mostly develop the heritage language in the family context, rather than at an academic or professional level. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to develop specific teaching resources which address the learning requirements of the heritage learners of Spanish in Italy, in order to further enhance their Spanish language academic skills. These resources are created by keeping various aspects in mind. Firstly, they are based on the task-based approach which is understood to promote a meaningful use of the language thus enabling real uses of it. Secondly, the resources take into consideration the Systemic-Functional Approach. The SFA allows the development of advanced literacy in the heritage speakers through a work based on the use of different linguistic genres and language registers. Among language registers, those belonging to the new literacies are also included. Additionally, new literacies in particular are taken into account during the use of images and other semiotic resources, which are widely used in the communications nowadays, due to the spread of the new technologies and the new media. Thirdly, the teaching unit is developed as 2.0, through a web site set aside to it, available at the following link: It is an updated practical tool, that also supports international implementation and use. The contribution of this research is the fusion of pedagogical approaches and the incorporation of new literacies in teaching resources for heritage learners.

    Key words: heritage speakers, teaching Spanish, advanced literacy, task-based
    approach, new literacies, systemic-functional approach (SFA), teaching
    unit 2.0.

  • 6.5.2014

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